Can dogs have bananas?

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Can dogs have bananas?

Dog owners would always want what is best for the pet. Because of the close friendship, dogs are considered as family members, human foods are usually given to dogs. Who could ever say no to the pleading look in the pet’s eyes? A loving dog owner would certainly give in. It is certainly amusing to see a kid sharing a candy bar with the pet. A dog owner would absentmindedly share with the pooch the bowl of popcorn while watching the late night show. People normally share the food with the pet not realizing that the food given can cause the dog more harm than good. Some human foods can be a toxic food item for the dog. What is safe for human consumption is not always safe for the dog. Human food can make the dog sick. Ingestion of human food can even be the cause of the dog’s death. Dogs are believed to be carnivorous. Man’s best friend though is basically omnivorous. Dogs have been given vegetables. Dogs have eaten fruits. Dogs get lots of benefits from eating apples and pears. Would it be for the dog to eat bananas? Grapes must never be given to the dog and apples must be cored and seeded as the seeds have toxic effects on the dog. Banana is not included in the ASPCA list of human foods toxic to dogs thus dogs can have this sweet and delicious healthy fruit.

Banana is a very delicious and nutritious food that is available all year round. This fruit can be cooked, baked or eaten raw. Mashed bananas mixed with cottage cheese will be easily devoured by the dog. Banana biscuits, banana and oats muffin, ripe and fresh bananas will be an ideal and handy treats for the dog. Banana would be a good Kong toy stuffer. Banana is a deep green fruit that turns to yellow or red when ripe is a good source of fiber. This fruit that comes in its own disposable wrapper contain almost no fat, very low in sodium and loaded with potassium. Banana provides vitamin C, vitamin B6, manganese and folate… all necessary in promoting the health of the pet. Banana is an energy food because of the soluble carbohydrate it contains.

Most dogs would eat any fruits. Dogs in the wild would eat fruits and berries especially when food is scarce. Banana is a tropical fruit that contains a lot of antioxidants that aids in the promotion of good condition of the skin and fur. These antioxidants prevent degeneration of the body and inhibit the development of old age related disease. While other fruits have bad effects on the health of the dog, a banana is perfectly safe as long as it is given to the dog in moderation. Given in large amounts, banana can cause stomach upset. Dogs and humans have many genetic similarities. However, the digestive tract of dogs is much shorter. The digestive capacity of dogs is different from the digestive capabilities of human as well. Eating large amounts of banana can cause diarrhea. Although the sugar content of banana is not the processed kind, regular ingestion of large amounts of banana can result to obesity and aggravate the condition of a diabetic pet.

Although the nutrients the dog can get from fruits can also be obtained from premium dog foods, including fruits in the dog’s diet will ensure that the pet is provided with a variety of healthy foods. Banana is one of the nutritious fruits that will make a good treat for the dog. So go ahead, let your dog have some of that delicious banana. Fido will surely thank you for the sweet and creamy fruit.

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