Can dogs have apples?

An apple a day keeps the doctor away! About 120 apples are consumed by one person each year. Cooked, baked, candied, processed into apple sauces and juices or eaten fresh and raw, apples are everyday items in dining tables. An apple is a handy snack. Because people have this habit of sharing what they eat with their pets, dogs are commonly given apples. However, we know that some human foods are not always good for animals. Is it OK to give Fido apples? An apple is the cause of Snow White’s downfall. Adam and Eve were vanished from the Garden of Eden because of the proverbial apple. Would an apple have bad effects on the dog as well? Actually, dogs would get the same nutrients that humans get from eating apples. Generally, apples are good for the dogs. However, the seeds of this luscious fruit can poison the dog if ingested in large quantities

Most fruits are good for our canine friends just as fruits are good for humans. However, it must be realized that in spite of the fact that humans and canines are about 95% similar in genetics, canines have a different metabolism. The digestive capabilities of dogs are also different thus some human foods would have hazardous effect on the health of the pet. Dogs love eating apples. Our canine friends eat this fruit with gusto. Apples are handy treats. This pomaceous fruit is high in nutrients and in dietary fibers. It is also a good source of vitamin C. It is believed that vitamin C can help dogs suffering from hip dysplasia. Some human foods are high in saturated fat. Saturated fat contributes to the development of canine heart problems. As apples contain low sodium and low saturated fat, the fruit can be given to the pet daily. Beautiful and flawless skin is associated with the regular consumption of apples. Because the fruit is rich in omega 3 and in omega 6 fatty acids, its capability to promote healthy and glossy coat was proven. This fruit is noted to control skin allergies as well.

However, in spite of all the benefits a dog can get from this fruit, an owner must be cautious in giving apples to the pet. Apples are harmless to the dog. Allowing the pet to consume large amounts of the fruit though can be hazardous to the health of the pet. For one, ingestion of too much apple can cause digestive upset. For sure an owner would not want to deal with pet diarrhea. Because dogs are naturally voracious eaters, precaution must be taken so that the dog will be prevented from helping himself on apples that have fallen off the trees. Unlike other dog treats that contain processed sugar, apples contain natural sugar. However, eaten in large quantities, sugar will still contribute to the weight gain of the dog. Feeding the dog apples must be done in moderation. The phosphorous and calcium content of the fruit can worsen the condition of dogs with kidney trouble. While omega 6 fatty acids enhance the good condition of the coat, it also causes inflammation. Thus owner of dogs suffering from arthritis must be cautious in giving apples to the pet. Seeds of apples are mildly poisonous because it contains amygdlin which can damage the lining of the stomach. This substance is a form of cyanide that is poisonous if taken in large quantities.

You may have the habit of munching an apple and you cannot say no to the pleading look on your pet’s face. Don’t worry. You can share your fruit with the dog. You only have to make sure that the apple is chopped and cored so the dog will be prevented from ingesting the seeds.

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