Can dogs eat carrots?

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Can dogs eat carrots?

Dogs are primarily carnivores. However, vegetables and plant matter have been a part of the dog’s diet during its entire evolution. When dogs eat their prey, they would taste the plants and vegetables in the prey’s stomach. Overtime, dogs have developed a taste for vegetables. It is then not surprising if the dog would be seen one day acting like Bugs Bunny – digging carrots from the garden and eating the orange colored vegetable with relish. Dogs are anything but picky. Any dog owner would attest to the huge appetite and to the indiscriminate eating habits of the pet. Be thankful if your pet has developed an inclination for digging your carrot patch. Carrot eating after all is much better than eating poop, rotting animals or any other things that we humans find disgusting. However, because dogs are well loved and highly valued pet, an owner can’t help but be concerned with the carrot eating habit of the pet given the fact that some human foods are dangerous to the pet. Is it safe for dogs to eat carrots?

The overall health of the dog would be of prime importance to any dog owner. The kind of food given to the pet would have a significant bearing on the quality of life and on the potential life span of the pet. Unfortunately, with the vast selection of commercial dog food all hyped to be healthful to the dog, choosing the fitting diet for the pet can be bewildering especially to a new dog owner. Premium dog foods may not only have inadequate nutritional content but may also contain chemicals that are dangerous for the dog. Busy dog owners that cannot provide the pet with home cooked meal has taken to giving the dog vegetables for snacks. Except for onion and garlic, Fido would gain a lot of benefits from eating vegetables. Fresh and raw, dogs would enjoy eating cabbage, beans, leafy vegetables and carrots.

Did you know that carrots are dubbed as the king of vegetables? Generally, children would hate the sight of vegetables on their plates but place a plate filled with carrot sticks in front of kids and the plate will be emptied instantly. So what benefits would our furry four legged friends gain from eating carrots? Carrots are the richest sources of pro vitamin A carotenes. A dog already has excellent sight. Giving carrots to the dog regularly is proven to improve eyesight as this vegetable has the capability of nourishing the optic nerves. These orange vegetables are excellent sources of antioxidants. As mentioned, commercially manufactured dog foods can contain harmful chemicals. By supplementing the diet with carrots, the pet is provided with antioxidants that provides protection against cancer and cardiovascular diseases. As carrots are good sources of soluble fiber, dogs with carrots in their diets seldom get constipated or have diarrhea.

Carrots make a good snack substitute. Instead of giving dog biscuits as treats, why not give the pet carrot sticks. Low in calories, fats and cholesterol, weight gain will be prevented even if the dog has had its fill of carrots. Carrots would be perfect snacks for obese dogs. A dog’s digestive system is designed to digest meat not vegetables. Dogs cannot digest vegetables easily. This is why you would sometimes see undigested carrots in the dog’s poop. However, carrots would make suitable stomach fillers that would prevent the dog from being ravenous. These veggies will help dogs gain the ideal weight. Dogs have the propensity to chew. Why not give your pet a carrot? The pet will surely love the crunchy and sweet taste of this vegetable. Munching carrots will prevent tartar build up. If your dog is a GSD or one that has a red tinged coat you are in luck. The beta carotene in carrots will give your pet a beautiful coat as it will enhance the reddish hue.

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