Black Forest Hound

The Black forest Hound is a medium sized scenthound that originated from Slovakia. In its country of origin, the dog is commonly referred to as Slovensky Kopov. Being the only breed of scenthound in Czechoslovakia, the Slovensky Kopov was made the national breed of Slovakia. The Black Forest Hound has the typical hound appearance. Although this breed is solidly boned, it has a light build and an elegant appearance. The most notable physical feature of this breed is the glossy black coat with tan markings that is very similar to the coloring of the American Black and Tan Coonhound.

The Black Forest Hound is a common sight in its country of origin and in some countries in Europe. However, this breed is unknown in other parts of the world. This breed was specifically developed to hunt wild boar. A Black Forest Hound is in fact branded as a wild boar specialist given that in spite of the well honed hunting instinct, this breed will only hunt wild boar. A Black Forest Hound is a tenacious and courageous hunter. Not only does it have an excellent scenting ability but it also has an innate trait of following a scent for hours.

The Black forest Hound is a working breed that is highly valued by boar hunters. These dogs are still hunted in its country of origin. But in other countries, these dogs have varied roles to perform. The ideal work ethics of this breed is one of the reasons why these dogs are utilized by the police. These dogs are highly valued for their agility and for their ultrasensitive sniffing abilities. This tireless worker makes an excellent companion as well. A Black Forest Hound in the home will not only be the loyal and devoted pet of the master, the playful and gentle playmate of the children but also the dependable guard of the family and the property. This dog is friendly with the family but it is wary of strangers. The dog may have a calm temperament but it will immediately attack if provoked or it can sense a threat to the family or to the property it is guarding. The Black Forest Hound is most sought after by people that are attracted by rare breeds. The only problem is that these dogs are hard to come by.


The build as well as the glossy black coat gives a Black Forest Hound a sleek elegant appearance. This breed has a light build but its solid bone structure gives the dog the vigor and the endurance necessary to pursue its prey. This dog has a flat domed head and a rather long rectangular shaped skull. Not too broad muzzle has a straight nasal bridge. The nose that is always black in color is rather large and has moderately opened nostrils. The tight fitting lips are noticeably open at the corners of the mouth. A Black forest Hound has firm regularly shaped jaws and well developed complete bite. Almond shaped eyes are rather deep set. Dark colored eyes and black pigmented eyelids show the dog’s courageous and lively temperament. Medium length ears have rounded tips. Ears are set on above the level of the eyes and carried flat against the side of the head. The short muscular neck is well set and covered with close fitting skin.

The Black Forest Hound has a lightly built body. The medium length back is strong, the broad loin is firm and muscular. The suitably broad chest is well developed. Ribs are arched and the belly is moderately tucked up. The strong tail that tapers to the tip is low set and reaches the hock. The tail hangs down when the dog is relaxed and carried upwards in the shape of a saber when the dog is alert or on the move. This breed has short but well developed forequarters and well muscled hind quarters. Oval shaped feet have lightly arched toes, black nails and dark pads. This breed has dark brown to black skin that closely fits the body forming no folds. The skin is densely covered with slightly coarse 2 to 5 cm hair. The back the neck and the tail is covered with longer hair. The gleaming black coat and the mahogany and tan colored markings give the dog its impressive and elegant appearance.


The Black Forest Hound is an excellent hunter of wild boars. This dog though is noted for its well balanced temperament. The dog possesses the ideal traits that make it an excellent addition to any family. The dog makes a devoted and loyal companion that is affectionate and gentle with the children. This courageous and vigilant dog can be depended upon to protect the family. With all these admirable qualities, a Black Forest Hound would still need obedience training and socialization. This dog is dominant with other dogs and smaller pets. Socialization will teach the dog to accept other people and to tolerate other animals. This is a highly adaptable breed. While a home with a large yard would be the ideal living arrangement for this dog, it would also do well in an apartment as long as the high exercise requirement of the dog is met. An owner must have the time and the inclination to take the dog on daily long walks. A Black Forest Hound that is not given the chance to let off steam will be a very destructive and annoying pet.


Black Forest Hounds that are kept solely as pets would need very little maintenance. The dog’s short coat is very easy to groom. Brushing the coat twice a week with a firm bristled brush would be enough to maintain its good condition. However, dogs that are hunted would need a more extensive grooming routine. After being hunted the dog has to be groomed thoroughly not only to remove the dirt that clings to the coat but also to remove the external parasites that may have been picked up by the dog while it is hunting. Utilized as a hunting dog or solely as a pet, the Black Forest Hound would need regular teeth brushing, ear cleaning and nail trimming.


The Black Forest Hound and the Slovensky Kopov are one and the same. This is a medium sized scent hound type of hunting dog that was originally used to hunt boar. The dog is highly valued for its superior tracking ability. This serious worker has immense stamina. A Black Forest Hound will tenaciously follow a scent for hours. It is also noted for its excellent sense of direction. This breed of dog originated in Czechoslovakia, the landlocked country in Central Europe. The Black Forest Hound name was speculated to have been given to the breed only as a marketing ploy that will popularize the breed in North America as the dog is not in any way connected to the Black Forest region in southwestern Germany. Of course the etymology of the breed name may refer to the coat color of the dog.

This hunting dog is believed to have existed for centuries although the precise origin of the breed is unknown. This ancient breed was speculated to have descended from ancient European scenthounds. It is probable that the Black Forest Hound resulted when Balkan and Hungarian dogs were crossed with non-hound breeds of native dogs. The Chart Polski, the Brandlbracke and the Magyar Agar are speculated to have been used in the development of the breed. The Slovensky Kopov is the national breed of Slovakia given that it is the only scent hound breed of the country. Crossing with foreign breeds and even with Slovakian native dogs was prohibited in the 1770s to maintain the purity of the Slovensky Kopov. Controlled breeding was continued even after the Second World War. Koloman Slimak, the Slovakian cynologist considered as the father of the breed was responsible for the formal development of the Solvensky Kopov. Under his supervision only dogs that meet the breeding criteria were used in his Z Posavia breeding station. This was done by conducting a survey of dogs suitable for breeding. The survey was conducted in 1936 in Banca Bystrica. The breeding program was carefully monitored. Ten years after the program was started, another survey was conducted to determine the results. Slovensky Kopov gained international recognition when it was officially recognized by FCI in 1963. The dog is qualified for international dog sports competition under the breed name Slovensky Kopov. The breed was exported to North America and was recognized by the United Kennel Club under the English name Slovakian Hound. This breed is also known under the name Black Forest Hound. The Black Forest Hound is a most sought after rare breed of scenthound.

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