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Best Invisible Dog Fence 2021 Reviews [Top 2]

Thanks to advances in technology, it is becoming easier to get the best invisible fence for dogs. However, although the dosage of the work is reduced, certain characteristics have to be respected and taken into account with respect to others.

In that sense, and to begin with, it is necessary to make clear that the sophisticated systems of invisible fences have a precise objective and to delimit the outer areas where the dog can travel without the need to include other physical barriers.

Best Invisible Dog Fence 2021 – Comparison Chart

Invisible FenceFeaturesPrice
PetSafe Wireless Dog Containment SystemNo Wire To Bury
SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence SystemsIt cover 1 1/3 acres

Ideal for entering or leaving the property by car without the animal escaping, preventing it from moving away from the perimeter or simply keeping an eye on it, these dog safety systems protect and allow the pet to be educated, as well as avoiding situations of risk.

In almost all the presentations of the invisible fences for large and small dogs, the team is armed with a receiver collar and a fiber or cable that delimits the area to be fenced, even where the dog can walk freely.

However, when the animal approaches the area where the cable is buried, the collar emits an alert sound that warns the pet, ordering him not to approach. If it persists in its movement, the collar emits some impulse – call it discharge or buzz – which forces it to retreat. Before this strip and shrinks between the animal and the fence, the dog will learn the limits of its territory.

Although many owners oppose these fences because they are considered harmful to their furry friends, it has been proven repeatedly that the invisible extension of the cable is totally harmless: it does not cause physical discomfort to the dog that wears the collar or to someone who touches the cable.

This is because the fence works with a frequency transmitter that guarantees the safety of the whole family.

One of the great advantages of security systems is their ease of installation. The cable can be molded in the desired ways and forms, as well as it can be buried to prevent it from getting in the way of sight or being discovered by the dog. It also allows the formation of transit zones that allow the animal to circulate freely.

Regarding the models, each brand presents its own versions with similar characteristics, but not the same. Some fences receive signals of 400 meters, others of 1000 meters, while the range of action is adjustable. Also, if the areas to delimit exceed the length of the cable, you can always purchase more from any vendor that sells them.

The fence models for dogs also share a particularity: they evaluate the weight and based on this they create their versions. For example, about 400 meters is ideal for dogs whose weight does not exceed 25 kilos, while longer extensions are useful for larger pets, difficult to train.

Another issue that is equated in hidden fence systems is stimulation levels. Each provider offers them depending on the structure of the dogs, resulting in an option that adapts the hum or discharges from the weakest to the most powerful.

In short, the complete design of an invisible fence will satisfy even the most demanding, especially if it includes such wonderful qualities as load reminders, indicators, and operating manuals and safety settings.

Best Invisible Dog Fence 2021 Reviews

We pick these 2 invisible dog fences for small and large yards in 2021 and explain all their features you pick which your favorite ones.

1) PetSafe Wireless Dog Containment System

PetSafe Wireless Dog Containment System

As a pet containment system, this PetSafe product is an innovative concept that mixes simplicity and safety.

Its use is quite easy. To activate it, the first thing to do is connect the transmitter, which emits a radio signal of 17.5-kilohertz around the construction. This signal is connected with a collar that is placed on the pet and sends the signal.

While the dog is protected by these signals, he can walk freely on all surfaces connected to the fence. If he tried to cross the boundaries, he would receive an alarm signal that is reflected in his collar like a beep.

Consciously, the animal learns that it is his warning to return, but when it comes to very stubborn breeds, he is likely to want to move forward.

If this occurs, the PetSafe Wireless Dog Containment System emits a static current that does not harm the animal’s welfare; rather, it teaches you to define what your limits are.

This could be considered one of the best fences for small dogs, especially when they are in the stage of adaptation and training. However, there is no reason for the owners of larger animals to refuse to acquire it.

How does this fence work? Features and modes of use

PetSafe Wireless Dog Containment System creates a circular wireless bar that keeps animals inside the garden through adjustments that can be expanded between 5 and 90 meters in all directions from the transmitter. Thus, there is the talk of a distance of up to half an acre.

Also, this fence facilitates installation. Normally, it requires a maximum of 2 hours because the cables should not be buried – unless the owner prefers. But, since it is presented as a portable system, it is best to leave it on the surface.

Its containment collars include a low battery indicator and five power levels ranging from the lowest (1) to the most powerful (5). It is recommended not to use the more aggressive end in small animals.

In addition to offering security, the rest of the features that surround this product are the following:

Wireless system: it is the most distinctive point of this fence. Through hertz, signals have emitted that increase their usefulness and compactness.

Ease of installation: the only procedure that must be followed to start this device is to connect the device or transmitter and start the training stage.

For those less familiar with dog safety fence systems, the equipment includes an instruction manual.

Broad coverage: as mentioned before, the covered area of ​​this fence extends to half an acre and the space of the “coverage field” is circular.

Necklace: in addition to rechargeable, the necklace includes a low battery indicator and five levels of buzz. It comes with a waterproof receiver, which allows its operation in various climatic conditions.

Battery: The collar works with a rechargeable PetSafe RFA-67 battery that, next to the indicator, indicates when it is time to connect it. Normally, the charge can last 5 or more days.

One of the recommendations regarding the collar has to do with staying close to the dog. In other words, owners should not forget to remove their dog’s collar after twelve continuous hours of use.

Other aspects to consider are:

  • The transmitter unit must be placed on the ground floor and near an outlet.
  • If possible, try to move the transmitter away from large metal objects such as refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, among others.
  • The fence works best in smooth courtyards. If there are hills, there could be interference in the transmitter signal.

Pros: Why buy the PetSafe Wireless Containment Waterproof?

  • It is easy to install.
  • The price-performance-durability ratio is fair.
  • Thanks to the transmitter, which sends the signals, people can use this fence system during camping trips or in portable homes.
  • No need for battery replacement, since it includes a charger.
  • Cons: Why not buy the PetSafe Wireless Containment Waterproof?
  • Works well only in medium and small animals. Therefore, dogs weighing less than 6 kilos are not suitable to adapt to this training system.
  • Correction zones are unstable. Occasionally, after the animal has moved away from the boundary zone, the device continues to ring and sometimes buzz. While this does not hurt the dog, it can be annoying.
  • The levels change abruptly and many users report that the impact of level 2 is too soft, but when it rises to level 3, the buzzing is drastic enough to disturb the dog.

You can read a complete guide about this fence on best wireless fence for dogs.

2) SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence Systems

SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence Systems

Another brand that competes to become the best invisible fence for dogs should be this SportDOG. With it, owners can protect their dogs by marking safety limits of up to one hundred acres, keeping the animal within the limits through the signals emitted by its collar.

With four adjustable levels, a tone mode and a vibration mode, the SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence Systems also serves as a training program that teaches the animal what its limits are, without extensive days and in the shortest possible time.

How does this fence work? Features and modes of use

One of the most outstanding qualities of this fence is its expandability since it does so to any number of dog receivers with the purchase of additional SDF-R receptors.

It has a 4-level waterproof collar that can be programmed according to the dimensions of the dog and put into operation once the battery has been charged. It is also one of the few fences that allow two alarm systems: the beep and the hum.

For the battery, this product is made with a system of maximum duration or “energy-saving” that lengthens the load of the collar the maximum time. With this, as with the rest of the wireless fence collars, it is recommended to detach it from the dog’s neck before the 12 continuous hours of use.


Area coverage: SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence Systems easily covers up to 100 acres, thanks to a boundary wire that can extend up to 304 meters and a manual to install it even easier. Plus, the configuration also becomes simple thanks to this fencing system.

Collar: With this fencing system, pets can play outdoors in any weather conditions, since the collar, in addition to wireless, has a waterproof receiver.

Cable break alarm: Unlike the PetSafe device, this product includes its respective cable to cover the areas you want to protect. But a great advantage that adds to many others, is that the transmitter system is programmed to indicate any breakage or damage with the cables.

High voltage: The transmitter of this fencing system includes a surge protector, over-voltage or lightning strikes.

Crowd: The size of the fence extends so much that it is sufficient to cover the safety of several dogs. The only thing owners should do is buy collars compatible with the transmitter.

Low battery indicator: Despite working with conventional batteries, the collar and transmitter indicate when the battery level is low. Therefore, customers will know that they must change them beforehand.

Pros: Why buy the SportDOG Brand Ground Fence?

  • Easy installation.
  • Wide coverage, ideal for large houses and protection of several pets at once.
  • The buzzing and beep levels of the collar are less drastic than others in the industry.
  • Cons: Why not buy the SportDOG Brand Ground Fence?


  • Although the installation manual proposes elaborate and specific steps, in practice digging, burying the cables and then covering them again can be terribly slow.
  • One of the obvious disadvantages is the excessive work associated with it. It is only recommended to purchase it if people can install them.
  • Although the battery has a long life, it is too large, so it becomes a bit heavy for the dog. Another problem is that the battery lasts a very short time and the transmitter indicators sometimes do not work.

See Sportdog In-Ground Fence 100A a complete reviews about this brand.

What are the Advantages of Getting Electric Invisible Fence?

As a more pressing reason, the masters go to these systems to be able to guarantee the safety of their pet, as well as to define their spaces in the house through an effective, harmless and long-lasting process.

The wireless fences are perfect to enter and leave the garage with the car quietly, aware that the dog cannot escape. On the other hand, it is a way to protect against some unsafe areas of the home: gardens, swimming pools, buildings, among others.

It is also necessary to applaud the technology under which these systems are made. From the collar to the transmitter, they show what the canine industry has been able to do and improve as the years go by.

Finally, it is a completely harmless way to protect the integrity of the dog without getting in the way of regular family life. It doesn’t matter if its summer or winter, a fence will always offer its optimal service.

How Should the Best Invisible Fence for Dogs be installed?

Best Invisible Dog FenceThis can respond to any other dog safety system. In all of them, the first step is to define the space allocated for the dog.

This action is performed with the cable that starts at the frequency transmitter; progressively increasing its length and adapting to different shapes according to the design of the homes. In that same sense, these fences can be buried so as not to hinder the aesthetics or practicality of the garden.

Once the decision of how and where to install the fence is made, it is necessary to load the collar and hang it on the dog’s neck. This is an educational belt that emits discharge or humming once the animal approaches the areas where the cable extends.

Under normal conditions, the collar should emit a slight beep that tells the dog what its limits are. If the animal insists, the buzzing occurs with the intensity that has been determined. Usually, necklaces handle a range of levels from 1 to 5.

Note: it is not recommended to use the most powerful levels in small pets. Call all those weighing less than 20 kilos small.

Another issue that is considered important to remember when installing these invisible fences for GPS dogs is that the animal cannot spend more than 12 hours a day with the collar on.

What actions to take in this case? Most users, who have experience with these collars recommend removing them when the battery is charged and, if allowing the pet to sleep indoors, remove it during the night.

At all times when the owner can pay attention to their dogs, it is not necessary to wear the device. Not in exits, walks or walks. For this, it is better to have the replacement of a regular necklace.

To create passageways for the dog, the extension must bend over itself. For example, to cover an area of ​​20 meters, the cable folds in the form of Z, round trip. That means that, in some areas, more than 20 meters will be necessary.

Once all this has been learned: How can you determine which is the best invisible fence for dogs?

Responding to that is quite ambiguous, especially considering how many companies manufacture and distribute these devices. However, two examples that this year has represented the market for their good execution and compliance with their characteristics will be taken as an example.

How does the Invisible fence for dogs work?

When they are invisible systems, dog safety fences work by delimiting a circular area. According to how much the space covers, the dog can travel freely.

This is incorporated with a necklace of rechargeable or interchangeable batteries, usually waterproof that is directly connected to the transmitter. With it, an audible or buzzer alarm system is added that warns the dog when it has reached its buffer zone.

Some dog fences allow you to expand your coverage area, through compatible cables, or pennants that help with the delimitation. Most invisible fences work according to the same installation system, but one cannot deny that some are easier than others.

Why do you need the best invisible fence for large/small dogs?

Normally, the safety of dogs is a recurring concern in their owners. Although conventional fences and booths are an ideal place for them to rest, technology has allowed bringing new products, such as wireless fences.

These are necessary as they protect and help train the pet. Their alarm and buzz systems alert and unconsciously inform the dog where it can pass and which places are banned for them.

With wireless fences, people should not worry about their dogs when they take their cars out of the garage, go to work or go to sleep at night. It is a system that works continuously 24 hours a day, 365 days a year as long as it is charged or with active batteries.

In that sense, customers are faced with a modern system that does not need much maintenance, is waterproof and, once installed, will not require revision or inconvenience to put it to work.

According to its characteristics and functions, it will work efficiently with dogs of different sizes and weights. A frequent recommendation among the owners is that they verify the limit of pounds/kilograms before getting the fence because as there are fences for small dogs, there are others specialized for large animals.

My dog ​​runs through the invisible fence, how do you control it?

As mentioned above, invisible fences work connected to a central unit that emits Hertzian waves or, as in most cases, they work with a cable.

When the animals approach this one, an alarm system connected to the collar indicates to them by means of a beep or discharge that they are in their limit zone. As a reaction a priori, the dog moves away and gradually becomes familiar with this safety.

However, there are stubborn dogs that give more work in training and learning, and one of the behaviors can be related to the transfer of the barrier regardless of stimulation.

If this occurs, and if the animal is large, it is recommended to increase the level of the buzz. This will not hurt but it will reinforce the training of the dog. It is also necessary to devote more time to domestication.

When the dog moves away from the fence in the opposite direction – that is, the area that is not protected – the fences stop working. Therefore, it is recommended to be careful.

One tip that most people practice is to install in the backyards. Thus, they double protect their pets.


This security system stands out for its modern design and easy installation. Therefore, in the long run, it is an investment worth every penny and minute of dedication. So, you should pick the best-rated dog fence for your best friend dog.

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