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Best Escape Proof Dog Kennels

Best Escape Proof Dog Kennels

Your pet deserves the best of the best in any situation; you must give him good toys, a good diet, freedom in his backyard, and everything that makes him very happy as his owner and him as his faithful companion in life.

Today you will have the opportunity to know the best kennels, or space with bars where you can place your furry friend to include him on his distant trips; each product is very useful, it has enough space so that your dog does not feel isolated.


Some people do not support the theory of enclosing or isolating their pets in a certain way, be it dogs or cats, but at some point, they will have to do it if they want to take it on vacation or even move from the county, this gives you security already your pet from any danger.

You must remove that stigma that you are mistreating in some way the physical or emotional integrity of your dog and just see below the best category in cages; you will notice that they are very flexible and dedicated to giving all possible space to your pet.

Why Do We Use Kennels?

Best Escape Proof Dog Kennels

That is a great question that all those animal lovers and defenders of their physical integrity ask themselves, even though many of these people are against it at some point they will have to use a cage to transport their pet dog.

What you want to get with this top 5 of the best escape-proof dog kennels that you can have a unique and innovative product that will give you all the possible guarantees that you are not mistreating your pet. Look at their list of products.

I know it’s difficult to see your pet behind bars, but would you rather not take it on a trip? This is something to ask yourself, and if you accept it, you only have to abide by the consequences, although you do not worry, the space of the cages is very large.

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Best Escape Proof Dog Kennels 2021

SMONTER Dog Crate 38-Inch

SMONTER Dog Crate 42-Inch

ProSelect Empire Dog Cage

Homey Pet Kennel

SMONTER Dark Silver Kennel

Best Escape Proof Dog Kennels Reviews

The size of the cage matters, but you should not forget your comfort for your pet, look at the top below, compare it, and get the best one instantly. The information is at your fingertips; you should only take the necessary measures to make it worthwhile.

Among the best five anti-escape dog cages with absolute comfort are the following:

1. SMONTER Dog Crate 38-Inch

A good cage for your pet is the 38-inch SMONTER, very resistant, very wide, and with all the possible comforts that your pet needs, the company is pleased to bring you this innovative and beloved product on the market.

Among the features of these non-toxic, leakproof dog cages, they are constructed from steel and aluminum to assure you that your pet will be safe and protected in this 38-inch space.

The SMONTER supports all kinds of weight and bruises that your pets make to try to get rid of it; it is very resistant above all, so put even your most mischievous dog there and see that he will not be able to get rid of or do what he does.

Dimensions are 32 inches wide, or 81.28 centimeters, and 26 inches tall, or 66.04 centimeters, these lengths are wide enough to give your pet enough space, see it in action, and fall in love with it.

Having such large dimensions, you will wonder, is it difficult to clean? And his answer is no, since having a structure of bars will not take 10 minutes of his time to do its complete maintenance.

As easy as it is to clean it is also very easy to move, having four completely resistant wheels you can roll it from one side to the other, in addition to this, they also guarantee that your floor will not be scratched in any way.

It has a plastic tray that slides between its cage to feed or drink your pet; you can place it underneath it so that your animal eats or needs, obviously they are independent trays and easy to clean.

How the cage is assembled is very simple, you just have to fix the screws of each corner, and that’s it, it will not take you 5 minutes so you can do it before heading to the airport where you will start your vacation and want to take your pets with me.

The 38-inch SMONTER color is a unique and exclusive brown color that, together with its silver hinges, gives a very innovative design to your cage, this helps you like your pet to always be in style in any situation.

Get it now and give your pet the chance to accompany him on his next vacation.

2. SMONTER Dog Crate 42-Inch

Once again, the family of SMONTER industries has arrived to bring you a good dog cage so that you can control even your most aggressive, violent, annoying, or annoying pet, meet this wonderful product below, and be surprised.

As you know, the SMONTER company has already represented the industry by bringing you the best dog cages, but what is different about this? You should know that absolutely everything is renovating and updated to give better and more comfortable for your pet.

The dimensions of the SMONTER on this occasion are 42 inches, it is a little larger than its previous presentation, and it is included in the top 5 of the best cages, having such a large size your pet will have better mobility.

The exact size is 31 inches tall or 78.74 centimeters and 37 inches wide or 93.98 centimeters; its only color is brown along with the natural colors of steel. Its duration is approximately three years when you have a tremendous dog, do you have it?

The SMONTER cage can be assembled by yourself by following the steps below:

  • Take your item out of the package
  • Install your wheels at each selected corner
  • Climb its four cage walls and close its top
  • Place the screws at each corner to secure the cage

You don’t have to be an expert to do these simple steps; you just need to cover them to the letter, and voila! You will already have your SMONTER cage ready to be used and place that animal that drives you crazy. Prevent nuisance by your aggressive dog and just buy this.

The predominant material inside this cage is welded reinforced steel; it has a double frame door in which it has a lock that is resistant enough to bites, tears, knocks, and other things that your dog can do.

To feed your dog or have control over its needs, two trays are available wide enough for your pet to eat, drink or defecate, this will keep your floor clean, and your animal will not feel abandoned.

In case you want to give love to your pet or want to get it out of there quickly, you can do it from above, its upper part works as a skylight to do this activity if you want. It can also be used to put your animal in, its use is extensive.

3. ProSelect Empire Dog Cage

If your pet causes minor problems at home by misbehaving, trying to bite your visit, urinate where you should not, etc. You just need to get the best escape proof dog kennels that provide you complete safety.

Although your pet can become annoying, you must understand that dogs are like children, depending on their age they will behave very well or very badly, you should only teach them who is the boss in the house and give them a warning for their bad behavior.

The best way to punish your pet is by putting it in a ProSelect Empire Dog cage; they are very resistant to everything your dog does, their duration is not far behind since if your dog is very bad, the ProSelect may remain standing for many years.

Its size is aimed at medium height dogs, with dimensions of 71 centimeters high by 78 centimeters long, the ProSelect is ideal for all those small dogs, but they cause very big problems at home.

Its construction is made of 20 gauge steel, it is fully reinforced, and it has a diameter in each of its bars of 0.5 inches or 1.27 centimeters wide, this measure is enough to contain your beast named “beautiful” or anyone you have chosen.

The ProSelect is one of the best escape proof dog kennels on the market, as it has an excellent reinforced steel structure that will give you enough confidence so that you punish your dog with at least one day of isolation so that in the future he behaves better.

How the ProSelect is cleaned is very simple, you just have to pour water on it, and that’s it, after your purchase, you bring trays for your pet to eat and relieve themselves if nature calls at the time of their closure.

One of the most important characteristics that identify this Empire cage is that it has wheels for its transport, but not only that, they are easy to assemble or remove if you wish to give greater stability to the cage, and thus, your pet does not sneak away.

By giving stability to your cage, you will also get emotional stability knowing that your pet is safe inside the ProSelect, although at the moment he hates her for misbehaving, he knows that without his dog, he cannot live.

4. Homey Pet Kennel

If you have a huge dog that has misbehaved by disorganizing your home, your yard, barks at everything that moves, or simply wants to prevent accidents with your visit, you should only buy a quality cage like the 43-inch Homey Pet.

The size of your pet is nothing for this product, it resists everything, and much more, its dimensions adapt to a robust, large, muscular animal that is possibly aggressive when it is confined, the structure of the homey pet was studied to give you the strongest.

The structure is very resistant, it must be to withstand a blow from a canine of about 30 kilograms, just thinking about it. You will notice that the homey pet is a cage of an amazing level and dedicated to a type of animal that is specific, bone, those of great size.

The dimensions of this product are 43″ with a width of 35.5″ (90.7 cm) and a height of 28.5″ (72.39 cm). It may not be the largest in the current list, but it is certainly the most comfortable and Tough, this is the product your dog needs.

When you see its dimensions, you will automatically know that this product is not made for short and heavy canines, although if you want to give them a large space, in that case, if you must buy it, just make sure that it does not exceed the bars.

The width of each bar is approximately 1.3 inches or 3.33 centimeters, it is very thick, and that is what makes the Homey Pet position itself as one of the stable and safe escape-proof kennels on the list.

The distance between bars is not more than 1 inch wide; with this, it is enough for you to see your pet, and at the same time, he sees his panorama, feels locked up, and can become aware of his bad action that led to his being caged.

The homey pet does not stop bringing you news, one more to narrow down the list is that it tolerates weights of 60 pounds maximum, that would be about 30 kilograms approximately, this makes it very open to heavy animals that are very scary to the public, although you know they are love.

It can be easily cleaned by containing two trays for your pet to eat and relieve itself, it will not stain the floor at all, and it has reinforced wheels to support the maximum weight and thus move the cage from one side to another without problems

5. SMONTER Dark Silver Kennel

Already the top of the 5 best escape-proof dog kennels is about to end, but this could not conclude without the latest presentation of the 38-inch SMONTER with a dark silver that gives it a genuine design; this positions it as the best of his three presentations.

SMONTER is a brand of dog cages that have been characterized in this list since this adds three items with different sizes, resistance, functionality, and other things; despite this, each model is unique, innovative, and very attractive on the market.

For the dark silver model, you will not only have security, but its design will not be overlooked when you lock your pet to take to your vacation, to the vet, or to lock it in your home for misbehaving.

Its size is 38 inches, which gives it 81.28 centimeters wide by 66.04 high; this gives you a lot of space for your pet to eat, get up, lie down and relieve himself in one place under your gaze.

It has a single reinforced door wide enough for you to get your dog in without hurting him at any time, you can also use his skylight on top to interact, get your pet in or out of this cage.

Functionality is not far behind in the dark silver SMONTER; you will have a 360-degree view of your pet by having bars wide enough for you to see behind them, each one having a diameter of 0.3 inches.

This cage resists all kinds of behavior of your pet; you should not worry that it will easily get out of it because it will not, unless you leave one of the two doors open, from the rest it will be very difficult for your furry friend to sneak out of your confinement.

The materials with which the dark silver SMONTER was built are not toxic, obviously, with this name, its color is opaque, dark, to give it an unmatched design to its easy assembly structure.

To assemble, it will not take you 10 minutes of your day; you just have to climb its walls, put the screws in each corner and close your upper door, and that’s it! You can use it for life if you know how to maintain it.

The steel is stainless and much of its structure too, you can easily clean it with just water, you don’t have to worry about your pet messing about in it and just put your two trays on the bottom for your needs or the go want to eat.

Benefits Of Escape Proof Dog Kennels

The best escape proof dog kennels for your pets are very good, resistant, and undoubtedly very functional, you should not worry that they mistreat your dog in some way and only acquire it now to enjoy its benefits, including this:

  • You can take your pet for a walk

With the dog cage that you choose from the list, you can take your pet for a walk, a trip, or somewhere that deserves to take your canine in one of these products for their safety and that of the trip.

  • They are very spacious

The five cages are very spacious, they have standard measurements for a small dog as well as one of considerable size, in this its weight also applies.

  • They will give you security

The cage will give you security at all times, not only to protect your pet but also to protect yourself in case your dog has aggressive behavior, this will help to keep him isolated until the episode of anger passes.

  • Easy to clean

With the trays at the bottom of your cage, you can easily clean up debris, water, food, or something else that your pet causes being there, just be careful and place them in due time to prevent your floor from staining.

  • They are very resistant

Each of the cages is very resistant, they support bites, blows, scratches, or any type of thing that your dog does to escape from it, you should not worry about it and just observe it.

  • Can be easily assembled

The cages are easily assembled and disassembled, you can place them at any time with just 5 minutes of your life, with the upper door you can also interact with your pet whenever you want.

  • You will save a lot of money

The money you will save on your trips will be fantastic when you have a personal cage to transport your dog, not to mention that it is the standard size that your pet needs to feel comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many doubts revolve around the best escape proof dog kennels, including:

  •  How To Ensure A Kennel?

You can do it using a padlock to give you greater security or with its basic system, in both ways it works for both doors (top and side)

  •  Are escape proof dog cages safe for all dogs?

This depends on the dimensions of your pet; it must be informed of its size and acquire, the one that best fits it, which has an average distance between bars so that your dog does not get out.

  •  How Can I Stop My Dog ​​From Escaping From The Cage?

With SMONTER cages, you can prevent your dog from getting stuck, since having its bars vertically and horizontally making its surface a kind of grid your dog can’t escape; it will only do so if you leave your door open.

  •  Can A Dog Escape From A Box?

Your dog can’t do it with Homey Pet cage, these have the strongest and safest structure on the list, see your presentation photo and see for yourself how special it is.

  • Are The Cages Safe For My Dog?

Of course, if most of them do not have toxic products that interfere with your dog’s health, their bars are resistant and very smooth so as not to hurt your pet.

  • Will I Keep My House Clean?

As long as you place the trays, so your dog defecates, it won’t mess or stain your floor for nothing.


The best escape proof dog kennels in this space are very functional, spacious, and safe enough for you to acquire today and enjoy your benefits for life, it is an investment you will not regret and will harmonize your life on the contrary To his dog.

Whenever your pet misbehaves, you can train it by placing it in these cages; the product is also ideal for when you go on a trip and need a very comfortable cage so that your pet feels good on the go.

None of the cages contributes to mistreating your animal; on the contrary, they are extended so that your dog does not feel very comfortable and can lie down or stand whenever he wants. You can take it out whenever you want through its two doors.

A dog cage will change your life completely, do not miss the information and share it with your friends so that they can also change their lives and that of their pets by taking them for walks or punishing them.

Remember that each cage has wheels so it can be easily moved from one place to another. Do not miss the opportunity, compare the products, and get the best of the list now.

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