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Best Ear Cleaner for Dogs Review in 2021

One thing that I’ve learned as a pet parent is that every day is a learning day. I thought we were all set after getting my dog the right dog food, peeing mats, and shampoo among other stuff.¬†

And oh boy! Was I wrong? ūüė≠ It’s been one thing after another, but I’m happy because it’s all for the greater good of my furry friend ūüź∂.¬†

A year ago, I started using a dog ear cleaner, and that’s what I’ll be talking about in this blog post.¬†

But first, I’ll start by sharing the best ear cleaner for dogs in the market.¬†

What is the Best Ear Cleaner for Dogs?

Of all dog stuff, the ear cleaner is the least discussed by pet parents. But it doesn’t make it less critical.¬†

It can save your dog from getting ear infections, which are very common. When these infections are left untreated, they could lead to facial paralysis, deafness, or eye issues. 

Dogs with thick hair or floppy ears are very prone to these infections, as well as dogs who love swimming like Labradors or Golden retrievers. 

Anyway, now that you know why your dog needs an ear cleaner, let’s get to your best options in the market.¬†

1. Zymox Ear Cleanser with Bio-Active Enzymes

The Zymox company has been in the industry for more than 20 years, so it was the first ear cleaner I tried. 

I’ve also have had good things about the solution from amazon buyers. Luckily, it turned out to be really great.¬†

So, what makes it worthwhile? Let’s find out.¬†

For starters, you can use this cleaner with all pets regardless of their age. This was nice because I used it on my cat amidst all the biting ūüôĄūüôĄ.

The other great thing about the solution is that it doesn’t contain any harsh detergents; it’s gentle and doesn’t cause any irritation. It’s even safe if your pup licks it.¬†

The ear cleaning solution also uses the patented LP3 Enzyme System that reacts with the dog’s biological solutions to form excellent cleansing properties.¬†

If your dog has been struggling with ear infections for a long time, consider combining this cleanser with Hydrocortisone. 

What we like

  • It leaves your dog’s ear clean¬†
  • It’s an excellent solution for irritated skin¬†
  • It reduces the growth of any microbial¬†
  • It’s non-toxic and even safe when your pup licks it

What we didn’t like¬†

  • It has no scent¬†

Check the price of the Zymox Ear Cleanser with Bio-Active Enzymes on Amazon. 

2. Burt’s Bees for Dogs Natural Ear Cleaner

If you’re obsessed with using organic body and hair products, you’ll be happy to know that your dog can join in too.¬†

This is all thanks to the Burt Bees natural ear cleaner. I love the company because I honestly think they kickass in both the human and dog care industry. 

The ear cleaning solution helps clean and soothe your dog’s ear by removing any excess moisture in their ear.¬†

Some of the ingredients in the product include peppermint oil that helps in eliminating any kind of irritation. And hazel, which removes any dirt build-up from your dog’s ears.¬†

Its pH is well balanced, and it’s safe for dogs and pups.¬†

Using the cleaner is also pretty easy because you only need to squeeze 2-3 drops in your dog’s ear canal. The drops come out in tiny sizes to prevent any kind of discomfort.¬†

It’s important to note that this ear cleaner is more of a preventive measure than a treatment solution.¬†

What we like 

  • It has a pleasant scent that both you and your dog will enjoy¬†
  • It’s gentle, and it doesn’t cause any irritation¬†
  • It comes with a dropper which is very helpful¬†
  • It’s made from natural ingredients¬†

What we didn’t like¬†

  • Some dog parents felt the dropper was releasing the solution too slowly and smaller bits than necessary.¬†

Check the price of the Burt’s Bees for Dogs Natural Ear Cleaner on¬†Amazon.¬†

3. PPP Pet Aroma Care 100 Count Ear Wipes 

You know, some days I wish my dog would talk and give me a review of a product ūüėā. I bet his review on this one could’ve been paw-fect.

However, based on his reaction, I think these are his favorite ear cleaners. 

That and the fact that he comes running when I say, ‘it’s ear time.’¬†

Unlike other ear cleaning solutions that enter into the ear canal, the ear wipes are easy to use. You simply need to massage your dog’s ear. And voila! They’re good to go.¬†

When used regularly, they prevent ear infections. If you catch your dog scratching or experiencing some itchiness, cleaning their ears with the wipes twice a day can save you an expensive trip to the vet.

The only issue I’ve heard is that the wipes are too tiny for people with large dogs because you got to use 2-3 pads per ear. But in their defense, unlike other dog ear wipes that are dry, these have a sufficient solution.¬†

What we like 

  • It’s so easy to use¬†
  • Dogs love it¬†
  • The leave your dog’s ear with a good scent¬†
  • They don’t break when you’re wiping your dog’s ears¬†

What we didn’t like¬†

  • They help prevent infections, but they’re not good at treating them¬†
  • They’re too small for large dogs¬†

Check the price of the PPP Pet Aroma Care 100 Count Ear Wipes on Amazon. 

4. Zymox Pet King Brand Otic Pet Ear Treatment with Hydrocortisone 

This is another product from Zymox; the main difference is that it contains hydrocortisone. 

So, we all know prevention is better than cure, but what if your pup is already struggling with ear infections? And all they can do is scratch their ear to the extent of bleeding? 

Well, that’s where this solution comes in. It can help with reducing inflammation, redness and soothe any other symptoms of dog ear infection.¬†

The solution is an excellent alternative to antibiotics with 1% hydrocortisone, and it’s so easy to use. You don’t need to do any pre-cleaning (which is hard when your pup is hurting); you simply fill the ear canal and let the antimicrobial solution do its magic.¬†

Like our previous counterpart, it has the Patented antimicrobial LP3 Enzyme System that promotes ear health. 

What we like 

  • It helps clear ear infections and itchiness¬†
  • It works pretty fast; you should be seeing results by day three¬†
  • It doesn’t require ear pre-cleaning¬†

What we didn’t like ¬®

  • The bottle is too tiny for the cost.¬†

Check the price of the Zymox Pet King Brand Otic Pet Ear Treatment with Hydrocortisone on Amazon. 

5. Virbac EPIOTIC Advanced Ear Cleanser

This is one of the most popular dog cleaners on amazon. It has over 7k+ ratings which are more than any other cleaners have attained. 

The reviews are also very positive, so it’s safe to say the company delivers exactly what they’re promising.¬†

This solution is mainly used for regular cleaning, especially for dogs with sensitive ears. It causes zero irritation and removes the excess ear wax and any other debris in your dog’s ears.¬†

The ear cleaner also helps with pets suffering from chronic otitis externa, a fancy medical term that refers to chronic inflammation of a dog’s external canal.¬†

Lastly, it’s a great drying agent, and it leaves your dog’s ears with a sweet scent.¬†

What we like 

  • It’s highly rated by Amazon and Chewy pet parents¬†
  • It’s an excellent drying agent¬†
  • It has a pleasant test
  • It helps in healing chronic otitis externa¬†

What we didn’t like¬†

  • Nothing significant¬†

Check the price of the Virbac EPIOTIC Advanced Ear Cleanser on Amazon. 

6. Vet’s Best Dog Ear Cleaner Kit

Are you tired of treating your dog’s infections only to have them return after a short while?¬†

Some pet parents stay in this eternal cycle for years, and it’s not only frustrating but also costly.¬†

The vet’s cleaner and drying combo will help you break the cycle. It’s designed to give lasting results and increase the period between ear cleaning sessions, and Amazon buyers confirm it does that.¬†

The ear solution is also fast and effective. It provides your dog’s ears fast relief from any itchiness, irritation, or redness.¬†

I’m not surprised that the solution does that because it contains powerful natural ingredients such as clove oil, chamomile, aloe vera, and tree oil.¬†

What we like

  • It gives lasting results¬†
  • It’s fast and effective¬†
  • It comes with a drying agent¬†
  • It contains natural ingredients¬†

What we didn’t like¬†

  • It irritated some pups.¬†

Check the price of the Vet’s Best Dog Ear Cleaner Kit on¬†Amazon.¬†

7.QualityPet Ear Nectar 100% Natural and Organic Dog Ear Cleaner

It’s hard to find organic dog ear cleaners in the market, but I got you one.

So, you’re welcome‚̧ԳŹ.¬†

Also, the good news is, if you’ve been fighting with your dog during your ear cleaning sessions, this will change that. I’ve realized that many pet parents don’t get results with their pups because most of the solutions they pour in their dog’s canal spills.¬†

Luckily, the QualityPet Ear Nectar is mild, and your pup won’t cause a scene during application.¬†

Some of the ingredients used in the solution include aloe, hazel, distilled water, organic MCT coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, and tocopherol (vitamin E). 

What we like

  • It gets rid of your dog’s ears odor¬†
  • It has a great scent¬†
  • It’s organic¬†
  • It’s suitable for dogs with sensitive skin

What we didn’t like¬†

  • It irritated some dogs.¬†

Check the price of the QualityPet Ear Nectar 100% Natural and Organic Dog Ear Cleaner on Amazon. 

8.VetWELL Ear Cleaner for Dogs 

Remember when I said Virbac EPIOTIC Advanced Ear Cleanser is the most highly rated ear cleaner on Amazon? I was wrong. 

That was a few weeks in the middle of my research before a vet recommended VetWELL Ear Cleaner for Dogs. 

The latter has over 8k+ ratings on Amazon, and the positive reviews are overwhelming. I’ll definitely be trying it soon.¬†

Although it contains alcohol, the ear cleaner doesn’t cause any stinging because it’s very diluted ( the alcohol level is about 5%). It contains aloe vera, which prevents wax build-up and other debris while soothing your dog’s ears.¬†

The ear cleaner is also great for dogs who love swimming because it helps reduce otitis externa, commonly known as the swimmer’s ear. It keeps your dog’s ears free from yeast, harmful bacteria, and excess moisture.¬†

What we like 

  • It reduces the swimmer’s ear¬†
  • It has a pleasant scent¬†
  • It doesn’t cause any stinging¬†

What we didn’t like¬†

  • It has no scent

Check the price of the VetWELL Ear Cleaner for Dogs on Amazon. 

Best Dog Ear Cleaner Buyer’s Guide¬†

I’m hoping you got a great ear cleaner for your dog from my 8 suggestions. But if you didn’t, that’s okay.¬†

I’ll show you how to shop right for one.¬†

Here is what to consider when choosing the right dog ear cleaner for your pup. 

Go for Vet Approved Solutions 

If you google¬†‘DIY dog ear cleaners,’¬†you get over 71 million results. So why buy an ear cleaner. Right?¬†


It’s always safe to go for vet-approved solutions because all the ingredients are vetted. Some homemade solutions have harmful ingredients that cause your dog more irritation.¬†

Liquid Cleaners vs. Ear Wipes 

Well, I recommend interchanging the two. One advantage of using liquid cleaners is that a dog’s ear canal is very deep, so you may miss some parts when using wipers.¬†

However, if your dog is very anxious about the whole cleaning process or you’re just introducing them, it’s best to start with wipes. They’re friendly, and they will help you establish trust with your dog.¬†

Check the ingredients 

I’m sure you’ve heard some pet parents say one product doesn’t work while others swear the same product is the best they’ve ever used.¬†

While this may be because dogs are different and their reaction to products varies, another common reason is that people buy the wrong products. 

The active ingredient of an ear cleaner is what determines what it really does. 

For instance, Hydrocortisone reduces itchiness, Salicylic acid and lactic acid help prevent mild bacterial and yeast infections, while Ketoconazole is an anti-fungal treatment.

Best Dog Ear Cleaner (Final Thoughts)

Don’t you just hate it when your dog is sick? Especially when they have ear infections, and they won’t stop with the scratching and the bleeding?¬†

Well, luckily, there is something you can do about it. You can buy a dog ear cleaning solution. 

And remember, if your dog is too jumpy or has too much anxiety, you can always start with the wipers and move to the liquid cleaners later. 

Have you used dog ear cleaners before? Did you get the results? 

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