7 Best Dog Door Reviews in 2021

Every dog deserves a secure portal to go outside and come back at their convenience. 

This not only allows them to satisfy their wild instincts, but it also gives you peace of mind and freedom. For instance, you don’t have to worry about someone letting your pet in when you’re late in the office. And in return, your pet can relieve themselves whenever they feel like it. 

But I guess you’re know all that already, and all you want is a recommendation of the best dog door. 

What’s the Best Dog Door?

Choosing a dog door may seem like an easy job until you get to it. Like any other market, the dog door market is flooded, and it can take weeks to browse through all options. 

Lucky for you, I took the liberty to do that for you and narrowed the options down to the best seven dog doors in the market. 

Some of the things I considered when choosing the dog doors include price, security, installation, material, and style, just to mention a few. 

Here are my top picks. 

1.PetSafe 1-Piece Sliding Glass Door for Dogs 

This had to be my first recommendation, and 16k+ reviewers on amazon support my decision. 

Whether you live in an apartment or your home, this pet door is convenient because you don’t have to saw or cut anything. 

The door is designed to allow dogs that are 100 lbs, but one user mentioned her 113lb Bernese Mountain goes through it without any problems. 

Another great feature of the PetSafe door is that it comes in three different colors and 5 sizes. The largest size is flexible; it can stretch up to 75-80 inches to match your door size. 

Although you’ll have to train your canine to use their secret door, the ease of opening and closing the door makes the process easier. 

This door uses a magnetic clip that easily opens and closes. It also has a latch kit that allows you to lock the sliding door when you don’t want your doggie to go out. 

The door is made using weather-resistant aluminum and shatter-resistant tempered glass, so you have nothing to worry about its longevity. 

Lastly, PetSafe provides its buyers with detailed demo videos to make the installation process easy. 

What we liked

  • It’s durable 
  • It comes in different colors and sizes
  • Its installation doesn’t require cutting, which is convenient if you’re renting
  • It has a 5-inch height allowance 

What we didn’t like 

  • Although the installation process is easy, it has so many steps that can be tedious 

Check the price of the PetSafe 1-Piece Sliding Glass Door for Dogs on Amazon

2.PetSafe Wall Entry Pet Doors with Telescoping Tunnel 

I know it is starting to seem like I’m a sales representative at PetSafe at this juncture. 

I promise I’m not. 

They’re the experts in this vertical, and their products are very reasonably priced, so they earned this second spot. 

Like our previous counterpart, the door comes in three different sizes, so you can choose the size based on your dog’s size. 

The largest door is designed for a big pooch, and the flaps measure 10.25 x 16.25 inches which can comfortably accommodate a 100 lbs dog. 

The best feature of this door is it allows pet parents who can’t install a pet door on their human door to install the dog door in other parts of their home. 

This door fits perfectly with walls with a thickness of 4.75 -7.25 inches; if your wall is thicker than that, make a special order for a customized door. 

Additionally, this door can be installed in all wall types, including stucco and brick. 

Although the installation isn’t ‘brain surgery,’ it’s not a walk in the park either. Think it through and consider hiring a professional if it’s too much for you. It should cost about $100. 

What we like 

  • It can be installed in other places besides the door 
  • It’s made using durable materials for longevity 
  • It comes in different sizes

What we didn’t like

  • Some users said the flaps didn’t close themselves. 

Check the price of the PetSafe Wall Entry Pet Doors with Telescoping Tunnel on Amazon

3.BarksBar Original Plastic Dog Door

If you’re looking for a pocket-friendly door that doesn’t compromise on the quality, look no further. 

The BarksBar door has many great features, but the easy installation process is one of the customers’ favorites. It only takes 25 minutes to complete the installation. 

The door is designed with sleek aluminum edging and fitted on a study thermoplastic impact-resistant flame so you can be assured of its durability. 

The clear vinyl waterproof flat has magnetic closures that allow a pet to easily enter and leave the house. It also protects your home against water, insects, and wind. 

The door comes in two different sizes; the largest has a flap measuring 10.5 x 15 inches and a 14 x 19 inches frame. 

What we like 

  • The installation process is easy
  • It fits in with any décor 
  • It’s chew proof and bite proof
  • It’s very sturdy 
  • It’s reasonably priced given the features 

What we didn’t like 

  • It’s impossible to repair the door for yourself if it breaks. 

Check the price of the BarksBar Original Plastic Dog Door on Amazon

4. Ideal Pet Products Deluxe Aluminum Pet Door

They’re so many mixed feelings when it comes to the Ideal Pet Products dog door. Some users feel like it’s too flimsy, while others swear it’s the greatest thing ever happened to them. 

I guess it’s just a matter of preference. 

The door is ideal for large dogs that weigh around 90lbs as it measures 10.5 x 15 inches. It’s made of high-quality aluminum with a clear polyvinyl flap, so durability isn’t an issue. 

Another great thing about shopping with Ideal products is their customer care service. They’re very responsive and quickly give solutions to your concerns. 

One of the biggest deal breakers of buying this door is that they don’t offer a warranty for products purchased through Amazon. 

What we like

  • It’s suitable for large dogs 
  • It’s easy to install
  • It’s made of high-quality material 

What we didn’t like 

  • It doesn’t have a warranty for doors purchased through Amazon
  • Some users said it was somewhat flimsy 

Check the price of the Ideal Pet Products Deluxe Aluminum Pet Door on Amazon

5. High Tech Pet Power Pet Electronic Pet Door 

I thought I’d introduce something different in the middle of the review for people who want something fancy. 

Before I continue, I should let you know this isn’t a standard dog door, and it’s also pricey compared to what we’ve reviewed so far. 

As the name suggests, this door is electronic, and it works very well with shy pets who aren’t curious enough to push the flap. 

The electronic door is also convenient for pet parents who go for long hours and are concerned about the security of their pets. While some manual flaps may not close, this door always closes. 

The door is activated by an MS-4 ultrasonic collar and will only open when the pet approaches it directly. It also has a 4-access control that allows you to choose whether the collar should work from in-only, out-only, closed and locked, or full access. The door measures 12-1/4 by 16-inch, and it’s designed for dogs weighing 100 pounds. 

Lastly, the door is designed with bulletproof resin, which is an added security bonus. 

What we like 

  • It’s safe for your pet
  • It encourages shy pets to go out 
  • Its electronic features are convenient 

What we didn’t like

  • It’s very expensive 

Check the price of the High-Tech Pet Power Pet Electronic Pet Door on Amazon

6.SureFlap Microchip Pet Door

Up to this point, we’ve been focusing on dog doors for large dogs. Well, this dog is for people with small dogs and cats. 

While it may also be a bit costly, it’s among the most effective pet doors in the market. 

For starters, it’s designed to keep wild animals and stray animals from entering your house. This is all thanks to the microchip program that only allows animals in the system to enter the house. If you have more than one pet, that’s not an issue, as the program accepts 32 microchips. 

Note that the program only restricts animals from entry, but any animals can exit the house. 

The door also has a curfew feature that allows you to set the time that the door should be open and closed.  

You can install this door on a wall, window, or door. For powering, it requires non-rechargeable alkaline batteries that last about 12 months. The light flashes red when the batteries need to be replaced. Unfortunately, batteries aren’t included in the package. 

What we liked

  • It keeps wild animals away 
  • The program accepts 32 microchips 
  • You can set the time when you want the pet door open 

What we didn’t like 

  • You have to buy the batteries separately 

Check the price of the SureFlap Microchip Pet Door on Amazon

7.PetSafe Extreme Weather Energy Efficient Pet Door

Do you live in an area that’s too hot or too cold? If you answered yes, I know how hard getting the right dog door can be.

And this PetSafe pet door has all the features you need. It has a unique flap system that’s 3.5 times more efficient than single flap doors. 

The door also has a center insulated flap that keeps cold or warm air inside your home. PetSafe also has a second closing panel that you can buy separately if you need an additional layer of protection. 

You’ll also be happy to know that the plastic frame is paintable, so you can paint it to match your door color. 

The installation process is pretty straightforward, and with their clear instructions, you can do it yourself. 

This door is suitable for dogs that are 100lbs. The frame measures 12 1/2 x 19 7/8 inches, and the opening is 10.125 in. W x 16.25 in. H. 

What we like 

  • It’s suitable for large dogs 
  • It’s efficient for people living in areas with extreme temperatures 
  • Its plastic frame can be painted to match the door color 

What we didn’t like 

  • Nothing significant 

Check the price of the PetSafe Extreme Weather Energy Efficient Pet Door on Amazon

Best Dog Door Review Guide 

Don’t sweat it if you didn’t find the right dog door for your pup from my list. 

This section will teach you how to choose the right dog door for them. 

Here are the factors to consider when buying a dog door. 


Dog doors are made using different materials. Some are made using aluminum, while others are made using plastic. If durability is high on your list, go for an aluminum dog door. 


Dog doors come in different sizes. Fortunately, most brands give you the option of choosing between a small, medium, and large door. 

If you have a small dog, don’t go for a large door as other large stray dogs can enter your house. And going for smaller dog doors saves a few bucks too. 


Some dog doors take 25 minutes to install, while others take hours and feel like rocket science. 

If you’re not a DIY kind of person, go for dog doors with simple installation processes. Alternatively, you can set aside some money to pay a professional for the installation process. 


While the pet door is leeway for your dog, it may attract unwanted guests like stray animals. 

You can avoid this by using microchip dog doors that only allow your dog in your house. 


Although you shouldn’t focus too much on the price of the door, it’s important to have a budget. 

If you’re on a tight budget, you can always buy a pocket-friendly door and replace it later with a better one. 

Don’t keep your pup waiting for too long. 

Best Dog Door (Final Thoughts) 

I can’t write all the benefits of having a dog door here (I’d need a whole blog post dedicated to that). 

However, one of the main benefits includes giving your dog’s freedom to do their business whenever they want. This is especially important for elderly dogs as they need to relieve themselves regularly. 

Did you find the right dog door on our list? If yes, which one? Tell us in the comment section. 

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