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Best Dog Activity Tracker and Health Monitor Reviews

A dog activity tracker is the best way to have full control of your pet. Knowing the best activity trackers means taking care of your dog’s development and knowing his daily yields. Throughout the guide, you will know in detail what the utilities of the pet activity trackers are.

Those who know the importance of a pet in a home worry about giving the best to their canines. Job occupations are often a significant impediment to monitoring pets and taking precautions against health abnormalities.

Best Dog Activity Trackers

Why is it Important to Use the Dog Activity Tracker?

Tracking your dog’s activities even when you are not at home is not far from reality, thanks to new technologies. A pet activity tracker (pet activity tracker) has different models, each adapted to your needs and that of the dog. It doesn’t matter if you have a domestic pet or a pet that you use to hunt during specific seasons.

There are times when, for various reasons, you cannot know the status of your pet because it is far away. Either because he is with his dogs, it is too wide a terrain, or because he is at work, you need a tracker. Sometimes the dog escapes from your sight fleeing from each being a tracker the best way to find his whereabouts.

On some occasions, you must leave the city and ensure that your pet is in perfect condition and is not sick. Knowing which the best activity tracker for dogs is depends solely on the type of pet. In some cases, a tracker collar will suffice, while in other cases, you need a more direct kind of monitoring.

A dog tracker first serves to know the animal’s location and second takes care of its health. Some owners need to know what your pet is doing following behavioral systems to determine their well-being. When a dog stops moving, it can sign that it is in trouble and needs your help right away.

5 Best Dog Activity Trackers and Health Monitors Reviews

With the activity monitors for dogs (dog activity monitors), it is possible to know exactly how long your pet barks. The systems used to track pets are the best solution for locating stray dogs in wooded terrain. After knowing the best trackers of 2021, you will know the difference between each type of Tracker on the market.

1) Whistle GO & GO Explore – Location Tracker for Pets

Whistle GO & GO Explore

Taking care of your dog is your duty, so a Whistle GO&GO tracker will be your best alternative when you are not at home. You do not have to worry about leading work and social life because the Tracker will give you details of the dog’s movements. If the pet leaves the safe place that you designate for it, they will know it immediately through emails, messages, or the application.

This is, without a doubt, the activity tracker for dogs (dog fitness tracker) that you are looking to know what your pet does. If your pet is quite playful and mischievous, know its real location in detail, preventing it from getting lost forever. With Google maps, you can locate your pet if you lose sight of it for personal reasons.

Imagine going to work and still knowing what your furry best friend is doing detecting abnormalities if they exist. Whether you decide to take a walk or watch your dog while working, this track is essential. With Whistle, you have 3000 miles of covered distances to know your dog’s condition and exact location.

Thanks to the application and the payment of a Tele-vet subscription, you can have veterinary help if you need it. Don’t miss out on the Whistle app benefits by receiving notifications in your chat about your dog’s questions. The professionals who developed the Whistle app understand the importance of your dog being covered 24 hours a day.

Don’t hesitate to use this dog activity tracker (fitness tracker for dogs) and get advice from the best experts. If your dog presents health problems, you will know immediately with the behavior control of the application. When a change occurs in your dog’s naps or activities, you will be notified about protecting your health. You have the location and activities of your pet completely covered. Gives your notifications by text, email, and in your application. You can see the dog’s performance in its nutritional calculator.


Control for yourself the way to scratch, sleep and lick your dog to avoid possible health changes.

Provide a one-month report of your dog’s behavior to send to the trusted vet you have.

Depending on the race and their age, you can check their development.

Check according to the initial weight, what are the lost or gained calories of your dog.

Monitor the distances your pet travels and what is the daily activity time of it.

When your dog achieves a goal, the application will let you know.

If you need to know your dog’s activity, you can request a report of the last 24 hours.

  • It is a user-friendly device
  • Gives you details of the dog’s health
  • Analyze for you the anomalies of your pet
  • Is light & waterproof
  • You require subscription payment to enjoy the notifications
  • You must have Wifi to know the status of your pet
  • The price can be high
  • It has a battery that determines the time of use.

With Whistle, you can know your dog’s physical condition and the exact location in case of losing sight. The payment of subscriptions is not usually liked by many buyers, although the price is affordable. It adapts to all breeds, making it perfect for large and small dogs.

2) Flittor Dog Training Collar For Small Dogs

Flittor Dog Training Collar For Small Dogs

Leaving the high cellular applications a bit, the Flittor DogHealth Monitor uses a remote control to work. Have a 1000-foot area covered, knowing your pet’s location prevents it from getting lost on the walk. The Tracker has a collar used for training that prevents your pet from leaving an area previously determined by you.

Have your pet stay indoors or outdoors using this conventional Tracker that allows you to take care of him. The Tracker is perfect for use on the beach, at home, or wherever you designate. Thanks to its three training modes, you can choose the shock according to the type of pet and its stubbornness.

These Flittor dog activity trackers’ reviews indicate that the collar is perfect for you. Within the modes is the standard that is used as a warning. Vibration and shock to prevent escape. Effectively correct your pet’s behavior so that it behaves appropriately wherever you want to take it.

If your pet becomes aggressive, she can avoid her bad behavior with the training models by placing an appropriate correction level. Prevent your dog from urinating in an inappropriate place and correct those annoying barking that can cause problems with your neighbors. The Flittor necklace is designed not to fail with the use of water because it is waterproof, taking care of your money.

Use the dog activity tracker with which you can train your dog all the time. Avoid subscription payments by making a single investment for pets of various sizes and breeds. The remote transmitter has an LCD screen, so you are aware of what is happening to your dog. You can train up to three pets with a single transmitter. It has three settings in your memories for the pets. You have covered a large area to give your dog freedom.


With its three training modes, you decide what the level of correction that the dog deserves is.

The vibration level has eight types of correction application, and the shock level has 16

The transmitter has a multi-dog training system if you need it

With a remote transmitter, you can train up to 3 pets with ease, making a single investment

Transmitter settings allow you to use corrections from your pets separately.

Safety keyboard certification allows you not to correct your dogs accidentally.

  • It is waterproof
  • It is safe for all kinds of pets
  • It is ideal for dogs up to 100 pounds in weight.
  • The price is affordable
  • The battery is rechargeable with the use of USB
  • Does not have notifications to your cell phone
  • It is limited to 3 pets
  • You must load every certain period

Flittor is a great pet activity tracker (pet activity tracker) when you want to train your dog. With the three control modes, your pet will learn to behave and obey you wherever you are. The price of flittor is cheaper when using it for more than one pet while buying only the collar separately.

3) Whistle Location Tracker for Pets

Whistle Location Tracker for Pets

The Whistle brand is among the first models of innovative pet trackers for its new and updated design. 100-04202-00 Prevent your pet from running away while you fulfill your work obligations or go out to your leisure activities. Receive an alert when your dog is not in the area you designated, being able to control the situation as soon as possible.

In case you want to know the activities of your pet, the model 100-04202-00 provides the same location in real-time. This is the best dog activity tracker when you need to cover up to 3000 miles away. Control your dog’s movements and also his health by watching everything he does during the day.

To enjoy the Whistle model, you must pay a subscription with unlimited access to its health privileges. Talk to veterinarians if you need to make certain queries receiving chat, emails, or responses in the application of your requirements. Thanks to the Vetindight license, you can have contact with veterinary professionals when paying limited Whistle subscriptions.

At the time of enjoying the application, you can have a report on the optimal conditions of your pets. If your pet is gaining weight, you can implement alternatives and measure the calories burned later with the application. From another point of view, measure the distance traveled by your pets to control them in case they are too many.

This class of activity monitors for dogs (dog activity monitors) is ideal for setting your dog’s nutritional levels. Enter the nutritional calculator and check the age and weight of the amount of food your dog should receive. If you want to know what your pet’s steps have been, ask for a chronological view at the end of the day.


The efficiency of this dog activity tracker system (dog fitness tracker) is perfected in its application

If your dog has any health problem remaining paralyzed, you will be notified on your cell phone quickly

The monitor has a battery that allows it to last 5-20 days without charging, depending on the dog’s movement.

A characteristic of Whistle trackers is that they are a device affiliated with a subscription service, being joint.

The equipment has a covered space in all the USA thanks to the fourth generation LTE-M cellular network.

Thanks to the Whistle subscription in its plus mode you can have many health benefits for your dog

The activity tracker kit for dogs (fitness tracker for dogs) is waterproof and light.

  • Full control of your dog under GPS location
  • You can know in detail the health of the dog
  • The batteries are long-lasting
  • The device plugs into your dog’s collar
  • You must pay subscriptions
  • After purchasing the product, you must pay subscription fees

100-04202-00 has a higher battery capacity than the first Whistle model featured. Those who want to know how their dog is when they are not at home use it because it generates more precise details. If you are one of those who love innovation, you must join the applications to follow your dogs’ movements.

4) Eureka Technology Advanced Pet Monitoring For Large Dogs

Eureka Technology Advanced Pet Monitoring For Large Dogs

Not in all cases, it is possible to have access to cellular networks and GPS to locate the dog. More than a DogHealth Monitor, it is an ideal tracker for traveling with your dogs. Forget about paying expensive monthly subscription services because this Tracker is autonomous, making only the expense of your original purchase.

Once you get Eureka, you can configure easily because it has a start button preventing you from getting confused. Start searching for lost pets thanks to its distance feedback giving precise directions in real-time. When buying this device, you must be sure that you will receive everything you need to track your pet on your travels.

Don’t worry if you plan to go swimming with your pet because the tracking tags are designed to resist. Eureka Technology MARCO POLO is among the top dog activity trackers reviews for its benefits.

The design covers cats and dogs alike, being critical to keeping your pets covered on distant trips. When buying an additional tag, you can include tracking another pet if you have more than one. The necklace’s battery lasts for at least six weeks, so you can travel without worrying about charging it every day.

Go to the mountains, beaches, and other distant places, and rest assured that the polo frame will cover  ​​your dogs’ area. RV travel Pets technology is responsible for locating your dogs and also protects your monitor. Hunting pets are often well cataloged to use this type of Tracker, giving their masters more confidence.


It is a monitor that allows you to make trips to places outside the cellular area

Your pets no longer deserve the use of GPS, so you know how to locate them

The price paid for this model is worth it because it is highly resistant

If you love to go on vacation outside the coverage areas with your dogs, this Tracker gives you exact locations.

With a dog activity tracker like this, you shouldn’t worry about the unknown destination.

Protect your pet without having to make a very high investment of money

The device is portable and easy to use because it has a button for quick configuration

If the device detects that any pet is fleeing, you will be notified immediately

With one device you can control up to three dogs

  • You can see the status of your dog every 40 seconds
  • You receive alerts when the pet is leaving outside the area of your schedule.
  • It has a search system for your dog
  • The radar system gives exact locations
  • It is less technology than tracking systems with cellular networks

Marco Polo is ideal for adventurers who go on vacation with their dogs to remote places without cellular signals. Thanks to the radar location, you can see the dog’s location, even if it is not visible to his eyes. With the polo frame, you will only invest because it is equipment designed to last for a long time without failure.

5) Tractive LTE GPS Dog Tracker

Tractive LTE GPS Dog Tracker

A Tractive LTE pet activity tracker (pet activity tracker) covers your dog’s movements in real-time. The best thing about using unlimited GPS is that you can review the steps your dog has taken in detail. When you are traveling, you will know to live the location of your pet and what it was doing during the day.

Thanks to the virtual fence mode, you can be notified when your pet is not in the area determined by you. This system makes following your dog much easier and less effortful to achieve. In addition to keeping your dog on a perimeter, you can also monitor its health by noticing changes in its activities.

Check your dog’s exercises with the best dog activity tracker. Put the tractive collar on your dog and start following everything he does without missing any details. Tractive is a powerful dog tracker used in more than 150 countries globally, having the best ratings for its effectiveness.

The Tractive GPS application is compatible with Android devices, iOs, and other operating systems and browsers. Pay a monthly subscription plan per month or for the next two years, and don’t lose your dog’s movements. There are different subscription plans available with which you can enjoy different tracking services for your pet.

When you get your necklace, you receive a SIM integrated into the device so that it is easy to cancel your tracking plans. Having detailed control of the dog’s location and movements makes your life easier. GPS systems are not limited to a distance because you can still see the location outside of the city.


Give locations of the dog in real-time, without losing details of its movements.

With your smartphone of preference, you will have access to the application to know the history of their locations.

No matter where your pet Tractive GPS fence finds it for you in real-time.

The Tracker is completely waterproof, so if it comes into contact with the water, it will continue to work.

In less than 5 seconds, you will know where your pet is if you lose sight of it.

  • Track your locations in real-time
  • You can check your dog’s health based on his daily movement exercises.
  • The rechargeable battery is durable
  • You can activate a virtual fence
  • You receive alerts if your dog crosses the allowed limits.
  • You need a subscription to use the application
  • You must have cellular or Wifi coverage to know the movements of your dog.

Tractive LTE GPS DogTracker is ideal for the US and other countries because it is available in more than 120 countries. Check your dog’s activities and location in less than 5 minutes without losing the details of his activities. By paying a subscription, you may have some privileges to enjoy following your steps with your dog, even if you are not at home.

What is Dog Monitor?

Dog monitors are a type of camera where you can see what your pet is doing to determine its status. Dog activity monitors (dog activity monitors) are essential for monitoring dogs indoors. When you have to fulfill your duties and work activities, you can see what your dog does through the monitors.

A large majority of monitors have limitations because they work only with an internet connection. However, thanks to new technologies, you can get equipment that works remotely in areas without coverage. The function of a monitor is to send you a report of your pet’s activities, including those out of the ordinary.

Dog Activity Monitor Vs GPS Tracker – What’s the difference?

The differences between a monitor and a GPS lie in the limitations and functions of each of them. With a monitor, you can see in detail what your dog is doing in images noting if he feels sick. For its part, the GPS Tracker provides the location of your dog without images and controls physical activities with virtual perimeters.

Both work with an application that allows you to access specific functions by canceling subscription plans with different rates. Activity monitoring is available for some devices, is limited in some cases to track your dog from anywhere. The similarity of the activity monitors and Tractive GPS are in the use of mobile networks to know their location.

The most notable differences of the Dog Activity Monitor and GPS Tracker are:

With a GPS tracker, you can know the location of your dog in real-time without location limits. In approximately two seconds, you can know where your dog is.

The subscription plans for GPS Tracker are varied, so you can choose different prices to enjoy the application.

With activity monitoring, the priority is that your pet is safe with favorable health.

Thanks to the reports of the monitoring of dog activities, you can compare the performance of your furry friend.

If you check Dog Activity Monitor vs. GPS Tracker carefully, both have excellent features for your pet. Depending on how pending you want to be with your dog, you can choose between them. A dog fitness tracker is essential for you to know what it does in your absence.

While the first allows you to know the activities, the second gives you exact locations in case of loss.

Benefits of Using a Dog Activity Monitor

Several benefits can be obtained by using an activity monitor for dogs, mainly knowing their behavior data. Knowing the happiness of a pet is easy with an activity monitor because it measures everything it does during the day. Whether you have a developing dog as an adult, monitoring its activities helps you detect when it is sick. Dog Activity monitors give you the following benefits.

Exercise monitoring

Each dog has a different personality, and with an activity monitor, you can know how proactive it is. The behavior of exercise activities can show you if you have an athletic dog or one that prefers to rest. You can schedule exercise activities with your dog and then measure its performance by asking for reports of its movements when finished.

Monitor the Dog’s Sleep

Your pet should take a nap during the day so that it rests and can grow properly. If your dog is not sleeping enough or sleeps too much, you can find out the activity report.

 Measure the calories you burn daily

This is a great benefit because you can know that according to the dog’s movement, what is the number of calories lost? A dog that loses too many calories may be in a health problem, so detecting it is possible with the activity monitor.

Measure feeding

You can know exactly how much your pet is eating, and if in case he does not, take him to the vet.

With an activity monitor, you can know your dog:

Sleep well

Levels of activities done on the day

What is the calorie production you have according to food and exercise

You can know which was the route she took during a certain period, measuring her performance

Know in detail the distance the dog traveled and buy its performance per day

You can detect anomalies in your pet if they exist

GPS Vs Radio Frequency Pet Tracker

The points of difference between one and the other are based on the fact that GPS needs mobile networks to know the location. With a PetTracker radiofrequency system, you do not need coverage to detect your pet. GPS is for urban use, while frequency radios are ideal for going to the mountains or other remote places.

With Radio FrecuencyPetTracker, you can already forget about using subscription plans to know where your dog is. The signal intensifies when you are close to your pet, covering a fairly large location area. With the use of GPS, you have no location limits, being able to search Google for exact locations where your dog is.


During dog activity trackers reviews, you can see the features of each type. According to the needs of each person, there is a type of Tracker that adapts perfectly. You can use the activity monitors for those who do not want to lose their dog’s health details.

For their part, location lovers can use a GPS that allows them to know where the dog is, even if they are far away. Radiofrequency is used as an option for those who like to vacation with their dogs in remote areas.

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