Best Citronella Dog Collars

Best Citronella Dog Collars

One of the most efficient ways to modify a dog’s behavior is by using the best citronella dog collar. It is a very efficient method that does not cause any harm to the dog. Each spray has a pleasant scent so as not to harm a dog’s well-being.

However, not all of today’s options might be the most appropriate for your dog. And so, below we answer the most important questions about these types of collars. We also look at the 11 best options on the market that are available to you today. Choosing the best option for your dog’s well-being will be very easy. 

What is Citronella Dog Collar?

Simply put, it is a simple dog collar that incorporates lemon sprays. The moment a dog starts barking the sensor in the collar’s built-in device is activated. So when a dog’s bark is detected then a lemon spray is produced.

In this way, the released lemon spray distracts the dog to prevent it from barking further. Even the dogs do not suffer any kind of damage as might occur with shock collars. In this sense, it is an efficient and safe method to reduce the excessive barking of any dog.

Benefits of using a citronella dog collar:

  • Allows modification of a dog’s inappropriate behavior
  • The chances of a dog being harmed are very low
  • In many cases the operation is automatic
  • Each spray can have a pleasant aroma
  • Excessive barking is significantly reduced
  • It is an excellent complement to the training of a dog

Top 11 Best Citronella Dog Collars Reviews

Citronella dog collars are a great option for people looking to keep their dogs safe in the backyard or on walks. Read our top 11 options and pick one of them for your dog.

1. No Bark Collar Citronella Spray Collar

One of the first options we can find in the market is this high-efficiency bark collar set. The first feature that we can notice is that it is a safe and efficient option that does not produce any harm in dogs. So, you can reliably implement this tool to change inappropriate behavior in our pets.

High-efficiency option:

At the time when it comes to getting a spray bark collar, we can notice that this option is more than convenient. Here we are dealing with a citronella spray that offers a short burst at the moment when barking is detected. So this will be more than enough to stop dogs from barking excessively.

As with the best options, this collar does not produce any type of electric shock or harm to the dogs. That is why it can be used as part of complete training or to simply reduce the excessive amount of barking. In any case, this is an option that can be adapted to dogs up to 6 pounds in weight.

Very easy to use:

To use this bark collar set all that is required is the addition of a battery. Once this device is on then you need to incorporate the refillable spray to get full use. Anyway, a training manual is incorporated here to be able to avoid any kind of beginner mistakes.

At the same time, the setting is most suitable so that this device is not lost at any time. Of course, this device includes a microphone to be able to detect the barking of a dog. Even the sensitivity of this microphone is sufficiently adapted to the barking of dogs. So, this collar will not work when detecting other types of less loud blondes.

Included accessories:

Users here do not need to purchase any separate accessories as everything needed to start training is included. In particular, a training manual, a battery, the refillable spray, the citronella, the device spray, and the collar are included.

Even the results appear very quickly once your dog starts using this collar. This way, there will be no need to purchase collars that can be detrimental to your pet’s well-being.

  • A safe and efficient option
  • Complete accessories included
  • Fast and noticeable results
  • Only for dogs up to 6 pounds

Purchasing this device for any dog can be an excellent way to modify their behavior without causing any harm.

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2. PetSafe Spray Bark Control

When it comes to complementing the functionality of any of the dog barking collars citronella, this refill spray may be the most convenient option. In this regard, it is a very safe spray that does not cause any harm to pets and allows them to modify their behavior.

Many people usually rely on this add-on due to the high quality that the manufacturer incorporates in all its products.

An efficient and reliable option:

In this case, we should mention that this is one of the most reliable options to be used by dog trainers or dog owners. In particular, it is a spray replacement that works in a compatible way with the bark control collar of the same manufacturer.

In turn, people who incorporate this refill into their dogs’ bark collars will be able to get between 300 and 400 sprays per can. This may be more than enough to be able to noticeably and drastically reduce the amount of barking of each dog. Beyond that, this is an option that is environmentally friendly and does not harm dogs.

Easy to use:

This is a compliment for people who already have this type of anti-bark collar. In particular, it is a spray burst that completely interrupts a dog’s barking. It only takes 15 seconds to use this spray refill and refill the dog’s bark collar. Dogs are not harmed in any way with this product as it is completely dog-friendly.

Beyond that, it is one of the most reliable options for people who wish to implement certain training for pets. It is also possible to choose between scented and unscented options. Any of it can perform ideally when it comes to modifying pet behavior.

A great complement to training:

Nowadays, some collars require an electric shock to modify the behavior of dogs. However, this is not a good option as this can cause some damage. On the contrary, a burst of spray from this can does not produce any kind of damage or harm to a dog’s well-being. So, this can be an excellent way to train a dog for several reasons.

  • The capacity of up to 400 sprays
  • Environmentally friendly products
  • Completely safe for pets
  • Does not contain perfume

This simple can be the ideal replacement to complement a bark collar and modify a dog’s behavior without causing any harm.

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3. NPS No Shock Bark Collar

Another way to modify the behavior of a dog is to choose this option among the best anti-barking spray collars. This device allows you to choose one of 7 levels with different intensities. Of course, the features are more than comprehensive and allow us to adapt to every situation with a dog.

Comfortable and stable operation:

First of all, it is necessary to consider that this collar incorporates an intelligent chip to offer a more precise operation. This chip allows us to automatically adjust the intensity of each spray. So, here the user does not need to modify the intensity as this is done according to the barking of a dog.

When a dog continues to bark despite a sound, this chip adjusts the intensity for definite results. In other words, it is a collar that provides excellent training to reduce the amount of barking while keeping the dog owner’s hands-free. That is why it is one of the most adaptable options for different dog breeds.

Excellent training complement:

For any dog to train in a more adequate way this collar avoids electric shocks or any kind of pain induction. The factors that this collar uses to prevent a dog from continuing barking are sound and vibration. So, the positive part of this is that people do not need spray filler.

The different combinations of sound and vibration complement each other to increase the intensity of the dog’s barking. So, this combination of factors is harmless and does not cause any harm to pets. Beyond that, it is a waterproof collar that does not deteriorate when dogs are playing in the water or the rain.

Excellent fit:

In this case, it is a collar that can fit medium, small or large breed dogs. In turn, any dog weighing 6 pounds or up to 120 pounds will have the ability to use this bark collar. The fabric used for the manufacturing of this collar is hypoallergenic and does not harm the skin or hair of dogs.

  • 7 levels of intensity
  • Smart chip and automatic adjustments
  • Compatible for dogs from 6 to 120 pounds
  • Intermediate durability device

This device may be one of the most convenient options on the market when you want to decrease a dog’s barking without exerting too much effort to do so.

4. PetSafe Spray Refill Cartridges for Spray

Here we can mention another aerosol refill to be able to continue using a citronella dog spray collar. As mentioned by the manufacturer it is an aerosol bark refill only for PetSafe spray Bark and training collars. Beyond that, it is one of the safest and most reliable add-ons a person can count on to change a dog’s behavior.

A reliable and safe option:

When it comes to getting a spray that is reliable and safe to use this manufacturer usually incorporates great quality and reliability. So, this means that the content of this option does not produce any kind of damage to the coat or the different parts of a dog. So, this can greatly facilitate the training of a dog.

When you combine this bark spray refill with an anti-bark collar the number of excessive bricks is no longer found in a dog. In many instances, this is an automatic procedure as owners do not need to be constantly modifying these types of collars. 

Very easy to use:

In this case, three options allow you to have an excellent amount of sprays. Unlike other options, the replacement of this spare part is one of the easiest. The person only needs to remove the old cartridge and insert the new cartridge to obtain new sprays.

Also, the cartridges are fully recyclable as an excellent environmentally friendly alternative. Each cartridge can provide 35 to 40 sprays. So, this can be more than enough when trying to modify a dog’s inappropriate behavior.

Perfume sprays:

When a person is trying to train a dog, it is not necessary to opt for unscented sprays. In this case, it is a set of spray cartridges that incorporate a pleasant scent. From this person, a dog will feel much more at ease when it has been prompted to stop barking. In any case, a dog’s wellbeing is at no point harmed.

  • 100% recyclable cartridge
  • Quick and easy replacement
  • A safe option that incorporates perfume
  • Only up to 40 sprays per cartridge

One of the best complements to various training collars or spray collars is this set of cartridges that offer reliable, fast, and safe operation.

5. KATUR Citronella Bark Collar

When it comes to getting one of the best no bark spray collars it is highly recommended to look into this option. In this case, it is a collar that incorporates lemon-scented sprays for a more pleasant effect. Besides, this collar is another way to avoid the electric shocks of typical bark collars.

Reliable and versatile operation:

It is necessary to consider that this collar incorporates two different levels of sensitivity. This makes it possible to obtain the most suitable functionality according to the intensity of a dog’s barking. In this sense, a dog’s barking can be efficiently inhibited. However, the sensitivity of the microphone of this collar is not the only thing adjustable.

It is also possible to choose between two different volumes for each spray. So dogs that bark very intensely and constantly will be able to count on more abundant spraying. This will make it much easier to prevent a dog from barking excessively. Beyond that, this is a spray setting that is friendly to dogs and the environment.

Excellent durability collar:

Inside this collar, we can find a rechargeable battery with a USB connection. In turn, it only requires three hours of charging to be able to obtain a 14-day operating time. Along with this, the collar also incorporates an excellent level of waterproofing.

While dogs will not be able to swim, the truth is that you will not have to worry if they play in the rain or get wet in a puddle of water. In this sense, it is a very durable collar that will withstand the various harsh conditions that happen when a dog is playing.

Accurate spraying:

To avoid false alerts in spraying, an advanced functionality sensor has been incorporated in this collar. The different sound filters allow identifying barking from other different types of sounds.

In this way, your dog will not receive sprays if it has not succeeded at all. Moreover, the compatibility of this collar is efficient for dogs from 3.6 pounds up to 119 pounds. 

  • Advanced sound sensor
  • Excellent compatibility with dog breeds
  • Fully waterproof collar
  • Non-submersible collar

Undoubtedly, this collar can avoid generating any kind of damage to your dog’s well-being while decreasing the amount of excessive barking. 

6. My Pet Command Citronella Collar

All those people who want to find a highly efficient citronella dog collar with a remote can consider this option. Here you can get different modes of use to be able to efficiently modify a dog’s behavior. Even if it comes to training this collar is one of the options that best suit the different needs of the users.

Complete functionality:

In principle, we should consider that four training modes are incorporated. This collar can offer lighting, sound vibration, and sprays. Also, each of these functions has three intensity modes for the right setting every time. So this greatly facilitates the possibility of reducing a dog’s excessive barking.

The remote control allows you to choose between all these functionalities. Even this same remote control can be useful with up to three collars at the same time. At the same time, the functionality has a long-distance range of up to 2600 feet in open terrain. So this allows you to train several dogs at the same time and get a much more comprehensive result.

Collar with excellent durability:

Each collar can offer 42 sprays before refilling the unit. However, it is also necessary to consider that the durability of this collar is one of the most suitable. So these collars are specifically suited for the heavy use that a dog can give you.

These collars cannot be used while a dog is swimming although the rain resistance is still very adequate. So this provides one more aspect of protection to prevent the rapid deterioration of these collars.

Accessories included:

Here, a set of accessories has been incorporated to complete the functionalities of a start. So, the user will have an ultrasonic training whistle, a training guide, the user manual, a lanyard, a dual USB charging cable, a rechargeable collar with an adjustable strap, and remote control.

So, we can notice that no external batteries are required but a long-lasting battery has been incorporated. Even this battery can provide up to a week of usage time on a single recharge.

  • Remote control included
  • Four training modes
  • Waterproof structure
  • Only up to 42 spraying

When it comes to the highly efficient training of one or more dogs, it is possible to opt for this collar that incorporates an easy-to-operate remote control.

7. My Pet Command 2 in 1 Auto Citronella Collar

When we continue to look at the options available these days this collar can offer more than a single performance to modify a dog’s behavior. Whether it is spraying or also appropriate sounds this combination will allow you to get the performance you need for the best behavior of your dog.

Excellent functionality:

In principle, people will have the possibility to have different types of sprays to correct a dog’s behavior. In this regard, people can choose between a short spray or a long spray. To accompany the effect of a spray, a set of sound tones is also incorporated.

These sounds are also adjustable to obtain a precise effect on dogs. Even here a remote control has also been incorporated which gives good performance up to 500 feet away in open areas. So this is one of the best collars to be able to decrease the amount of barking of a dog without producing any damage with electric shocks.

Excellent durability collar:

For this collar not to have too short a life span, excellent water resistance has been incorporated. It is not a submersible collar, although rain or puddles of water will not impair the performance of this collar. Beyond that, this collar also features a rechargeable battery and a USB cable for excellent uptime.

Meanwhile, the built-in remote control requires two AAA batteries which are included. This remote control can be used to choose the desired spray and tone. It can also be useful as this remote control can be used with different collars at the same time. This means more fun training for two dogs.

Simple operation:

The remote control features a very easy design that incorporates only six buttons. Besides, a red light indicates the operation to the first collar while the blue light informs you that the second collar is the one being adjusted. Beyond that, each collar automatically detects barking dogs.

From there, an automatic adjustment of tones and sprays can be noted. So, this provides greater convenience to dog owners when excessive barking needs to be reduced.

  • Remote control included
  • Tones and sprays
  • Water-resistant construction
  • The remote control does not include a rechargeable battery

The best way to train two dogs at the same time with great comfort is to use this type of collar that incorporates a remote control. Your dog’s well-being is not harmed while excessive barking is reduced.

8. PetSafe Spray Refill Citronella

Another very reliable option that incorporates a pleasant scent to reduce barking dogs is this citronella spray refill for dogs. So those people who have a PetSafe anti-bark spray collar will be able to purchase this supplement to continue training a dog.

Reliable and safe operation:

As we have mentioned above, this cartridge add-on is one of the most chosen options when it comes to getting more sprays in a collar. The content of these cartridges is as environmentally friendly as it is for dogs. Each spray inhibits barking without producing any negative effects.

Moreover, these cartridges are fully compatible with a set of collars from the same manufacturer. So it is necessary to consider this aspect before purchasing the three cartridges incorporated in this option. Beyond that, these are three cartridges with a capacity of 3.14 ML each.

Easy to use:

When you need to replace the current empty cartridge of your bark collar the procedure is very easy. Just like a previous option we have mentioned you only need to remove the current cartridge. Then this cartridge needs to be inserted into the collar to get an excellent amount of sprays.

In other words, the procedure only takes a few seconds and you can get approximately 40 sprays per cartridge. The scent incorporated in each spray is totally harmless and very pleasant. The purpose of this is only to distract the dogs to prevent them from continuing to bark.

100% recyclable cartridge:

One of the best aspects of these cartridges is that they are fully recyclable. So this generates less environmental impact, as this is a set of environmentally friendly cartridges. So when it comes to incorporating a new cartridge and new sprays for your dog’s training, you will have one of the most convenient options.

  • Quick and easy replacement
  • 100% recyclable cartridges
  • Pleasant and harmless scent
  • Only 40 sprays per cartridge

An excellent way to continue using your bark collar is to incorporate these cartridges that offer pleasant and harmless sprays. Any dog will be able to modify its behavior without suffering any harm to its well-being.

9. W F Young Pet 450130

Sometimes it is not necessary to reduce a dog’s excessive barking. Many calm dogs may need some spraying anyway. These sprays are not to modify behavior but to protect dogs from flies and various insects. So this supplement will allow your dog to enjoy the environment more comfortably.

Safe and reliable operation:

Simply put, this is a great fly repellent that can be combined with any dog collar. The formula developed in this case can protect for up to 8 hours. So, this amount of time could be more than enough when it comes to taking a walk or playing outdoors.

On the other hand, training can be much more efficient when eliminating the various obstacles that can bother a dog. Mosquitoes, flies, and other small insects could be a major obstacle to a dog’s learning. This simple repellent for your work for a trainer and dog to have a productive outcome.

Pleasant aroma:

In this case, this is a highly efficient formula that can repel different insects. Beyond that, another important aspect is that this is a safe formula with citronella and cedarwood oil. So this provides a formula that is not only harmless to the dog but also very pleasant.

Here we have avoided an overly unpleasant formula that can generate different discomforts in dogs. That is why this is a very safe option that only affects insects rather than pets. Even dogs of different breeds will be able to use this supplement to repel flies and mosquitoes as well as gnats.

Quick and easy for use:

When it comes to using this insect repellent you only need to apply this product to a dog’s collar. It is recommended that this product be applied before applying the collar to the dog.

The 16-ounce content is more than enough for a lot of uses. A few sprays on a dog’s collar will be more than enough. You can also use this same product on other garments or the dog’s coat. 

  • Excellent fly and mosquito repellent
  • Safe formula with a pleasant scent
  • Lasts up to 8 hours
  • No unscented options

This fly and mosquito repellent can give dogs a much more comfortable and enjoyable life when playing in any natural environment.

10. GoodBoy Dog Barking Collar

Among the most convenient options on the market, there is this collar that can provide excellent advantages in decreasing a dog’s barking. It is a collar that incorporates duration and static operation. So, when the time comes to train your dog this complement can be one of the best tools. 

Safe and reliable operation:

When a person needs to train his dog for different reasons it is highly recommended to have one of these tools. In this case, it is a collar that mainly aims to decrease the amount of barking of a dog. For this purpose, it incorporates vibration and static operation.

However, this collar does not generate any kind of damage to the dog’s fur or skin. The functionality is only accurate enough to reduce excessive barking. At the same time, it is one of the lightest options that do not add a large amount of weight to the pets’ necks. In this way, excellent training can be done to modify the behavior of any dog.

Great durability option:

This collar incorporates an adjustable buckle for really simple and quick use at all times. Beyond that, the most important thing is that the nylon fabric can offer the softness and durability that any collar needs. So, the durability of this collar can be a lifetime.

With this, people who have this unit will be able to incorporate a device to modify a dog’s behavior. Here, a device that uses sprays can also be incorporated along with this leash. In any case, the odds for modifying a dog’s behavior are more than adequate.

Excellent compatibility:

Finally, we should mention that the compatibility of this leash can be dated to different sizes of dogs. So, dogs with a neck diameter of 5 inches up to 21 inches can comfortably use this leash. Once you notice this you could start training your dog to display a much more efficient behavior.

  • Nylon with excellent softness and strength
  • Leash for vibration and static devices
  • Excellent compatibility with different dog breeds
  • No spray device included

When you only need the leash to continue using your spraying device this option may be the most suitable. Here softness and strength are more than abundant. 

11. WWVVPET Citronella Spray Dog Collar

Last but not least, this is another highly efficient training collar. The person will be able to count on the right functionality as it combines sprays with sounds. Here the dog will not have to face any electric shock as it is a collar with harmless functionality.

High-level functionality:

In principle, the user will be able to count on two spraying modes. So, each of these spraying levels seeks to adapt to the intensity of a dog’s barking. In combination with this, two levels of sounds can also be chosen to complement the operation of each spray.

Both the sprays and the sounds generated by this collar are harmless and do not generate any type of harm to dogs. Beyond that, the remote control has also been incorporated with a range of use of 500 feet in open areas. This will be more than enough when you need to train one or two dogs at the same time.

Great durability:

With a single 3-hour recharge, you can get up to 7 days of usage time. Besides, the water resistance prevents light rain or wet grass from harming this device. However, this is not a device that is submersible in water. Beyond that, the structure of this device is tough enough to offer a long service life.

This collar also incorporates a low battery indicator as well as two lights on the remote control. The red light on the remote control indicates an active operation for the first collar while the green light indicates an operation for the second collar. So training will be more efficient when you need to modify the behavior of two dogs at the same time.

Excellent compatibility:

Dogs of different breeds and sizes can use the same collar. Thus, the compatibility is more than adequate for modifying a dog’s behavior from puppyhood to adulthood. In this case, a collar, a lanyard, the remote control, a USB cable, and the user manual are included.

  • Remote control included
  • Rain resistant structure
  • Sprays and sounds
  • Remote control range up to 500 feet

This collar in combination with the remote control is another of the most complete units to modify a dog’s behavior.


How To Use a Citronella Bark Collar?

Best Citronella Dog Collars

To use this type of collar you simply need to put this collar on a dog. In most cases, the spraying operation is fully automatic. So it usually incorporates a microphone and an active sensor to detect the barking of dogs. Each spray is usually completely harmless and does not cause any discomfort.

On the contrary, each spray is subtle to distract the dogs and prevent them from continuing to bark. On many occasions, each spray can be complemented with another factor such as a small sound. Beyond the sound, lights or vibrations could also be incorporated. However, the operation is usually automated.

How to Refill a Citronella Bark Collar?

Some collars incorporate a small hole to refill the spray along with a spare can. So, here it is only necessary to place the can vertically so that all the contents fall into the collar device.

However, other types of collars work with cartridges that offer a certain amount of sprays. This is a much easier option for refilling since only the cartridge needs to be replaced.

How Do I Know if My Citronella Bark Collar is Full?

In most instances, a refill can of spray has just the right amount for each collar. In cases where replacement cartridges are required, this does not need to be verified after each cartridge is replaced. When using a refill spray can you will be able to tell if the collar is full when no more contents enter the device. 

How to Test a Citronella Bark Collar?

To test if this type of collar is working properly, you will need to detect where the microphone is located. Once you find the microphone you can blow into it as if you were blowing out a candle. This should trigger the operation and a spray. However, the most comfortable way to test this collar is to allow your dog to wear it.

Are citronella collars bad for dogs?

Many institutions have proven that these types of collars are not bad for dogs and do not cause any harm. It is a much safer option compared to collars that incorporate electric shocks. Each spray simply distracts the dogs from continuing to bark.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is my dog barking excessively?

Some dogs may bark excessively when they feel overly stressed in different situations. It could also happen that a dog feels threatened by other animals or by other people. However, these behaviors can be modified for the better.

  • Are citronella collars better than shock collars?

Citronella collars are much better than shock collars because they do not cause any harm or discomfort to dogs. Each spray is completely harmless and only distracts dogs from barking. 

  • Do citronella bark collars have any side effects?

In most cases, these collars do not cause any side effects. However, when the content of the spray is of low quality, then irritation of the eyes or skin of the dogs may occur. In very rare cases loss of concentration or dizziness could harm a dog.

  • Do citronella collars work for separation anxiety?

In general, this type of collar is not the most appropriate to be able to decrease anxiety in a dog. Each spray is not a positive reinforcement, so this can only increase anxiety.

  • Can you use bark collars for puppies?

Some collars of this type can be used on puppies when no spraying is incorporated. Some collars use vibrations and short sounds to modify a dog’s behavior.


Once you can get the best citronella dog collar, your dog will be able to modify its behaviors without suffering the detriments of shock collars. That is why it is one of the most recommended options to be able to reduce excessive barking in dogs. In a few days, a dog will be able to present a more serene behavior.

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