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ASPCA Pet Health Insurance Review

Many pet owners wonder whether they should purchase ASPCA Pet Insurance for their dog or cat. Perhaps a pet owner just adopted a puppy or kitten and wants to make sure that they are financially covered in the event that the pet becomes injured or sick. Or maybe the person just adopted an older pet and does not know the full background of the animal. Should a responsible pet owner purchase APSCA Pet Insurance?

aspca-pet-health-insuranceIf you are a pet owner, then you should investigate various forms of pet insurance. When considering insurance, your first stop may be to peruse the ASPCA website for referrals. Since the costs of emergency care or a debilitating illness can be financially taxing, health insurance can help to alleviate many of the costs.

ASPCA insurance offers three levels of coverage. The primary level covers all basic needs such as the costs of examinations or lab work needed. In many cases, most insurance also covers a portion of prescription costs and even hospitalization due to non pre-existing conditions. In the case of insurance for a pet that has a chronic illness, coverage can be limited. You would have to purchase the Level 3 or Level 4 plan, which will be more comprehensive but more expensive. For more information, about plan coverage, you may want to refer to

So how much does pet insurance cost? This depends on the plan that you purchase. Monthly, the cost can range from $14 to $20 dollars for a cat and $22 to $30 dollars for a dog. The cost will fluctuate depending on the age of the pet, the breed of animal, and also the plan purchased. In most cases, a deductible of $50 to $100 may be required along with a copay.

Before purchasing any health insurance, please read the documents carefully. Within the fine print, there may be procedures that may not be covered. In many cases, dental care is not covered, even if it develops into something chronic. Normally, there is a maximum that the insurance will pay out so if you exceed those amounts, you may have to pay out of pocket for the remainder. Make sure you know the limits to their coverage. On , they provide additional information on how to choose a health insurance company.

should-a-pet-owner-purchase-aspca-pet-health-insuranceIs ASPCA pet insurance more beneficial for dogs or cats? Pet owners have stated overall that the insurance can be beneficial with both types of animals. Since both dogs and cats not only require regular health care monitoring but also are susceptible to illnesses and injury, the insurance can be very beneficial. With dogs, since many congenital diseases can occur due to interbreeding, their coverage can fluctuate depending on the breed.

Purchasing ASPCA Pet Insurance can be a great way to protect yourself financially should something happen to your pet. You never want finances to interfere with the healthcare of your pet. However, when evaluating any pet insurance company, you want to make sure you understand the fine print. Since most pet insurance companies are in the business of turning a profit, you want to make sure that the insurance is beneficial given your financial constraints.

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