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7 Best Flea Pills for Dogs in 2021

Fleas and ticks have become a huuge problem to an extent where first-time parents or second dog owners want to know if they’re dogs that don’t get fleas.

I understand the frustration, but fleas & ticks will always be attracted to any dog. Sure, they may hide easily in dogs with heavy fur or curly ears, but they’re a threat to all dogs.

The only sure way out is to protect your pooch by getting them the best flea pills for dogs. This is especially crucial for dogs who spend most of their time outdoors.

Read on to see my recommendations.

What is the Best Flea Pill for Dogs? 

When looking for flea infestations solutions, I want something that will kill the fleas & ticks that are already sucking my dog’s blood. And prevent them from making my baby’s body a procreation ground.

Although they’re shampoos and ointments that can get the job done, I’ll be focusing on flea pills only in this blog post.

Let’s dive right in.

1. Capstar Fast-Acting Oral Flea Treatment for Dogs

Capstar is one of the big boys in this industry, so their name might pop a few times on the list.

This specific pill is only meant to kill adult fleas, so it doesn’t help with ticks. It’s also meant to kill existing fleas, so if you’re looking for a prevention method, check out our other suggestions.

Besides being one of the most popular flea pills on Amazon with over 15k ratings, it’s very effective in killing adult fleas. It starts working in 30 minutes, and you can literally see the fleas falling off your pet’s fur.

If you realize that your dog is re-infested with fleas, you can always give them another dose. It’s safe to give your pup a pill once a day.

I use this pill when I know my dog has been exposed to fleas, for example, after visiting a dog park or shows.

What we like

  • It starts kills adult fleas in less than 24 hours
  • It’s safe to give your dog every day
  • It’s safe for nursing and pregnant dogs
  • It doesn’t require a veterinarian authorization

What we don’t like

  • It doesn’t protect your dog from further infestation
  • It’s ineffective for tick prevention

Check the price of the Capstar Fast-Acting Oral Flea Treatment for Dogs on Amazon.

2.CapAction Oral Flea Treatment Large Dog

As the name suggests, these pills are specifically designed for large dogs. But if you’re looking for something for your small dog, don’t worry. CapAction got a tablet for them too.

Like Capstar, the pill’s active ingredient is Nitenypyram, which helps kill fleas in 30 minutes.

This tablet is safe for dogs above 25 lbs, and the package has 6 tablets. It’s FDA approved, so you can use it for your pregnant dog too.

In case you suspect your dog has been re-infested, you can administer another tablet in 24 hours.

Kindly note that these tablets don’t kill fleas’ development cycle, so it mostly helps with adult fleas.

Many pet mamas are happy with the positive results, and they say it took 24 hours for the stubborn fleas to fall off.

What we like

  • You don’t need a vet prescription
  • It starts working in 30 minutes
  • It’s safe for pregnant dogs

What we don’t like

  • It only offers short-term relief for your dog because it doesn’t protect them from further flea infestation.

Check the price of the CapAction Oral Flea Treatment Large Dog 6ct on Amazon.

3. Advantus (Imidacloprid) Flea Chews for Dogs

This is another fantastic over-the-counter flea pill. Unlike our two recommendations, the pill’s active ingredient is imidacloprid. The latter spreads in your dog’s body, and when the fleas swallow it, their bodies become over-stimulated, and they die.

Also, the tablet can kill fleas at all stages including flea eggs, and it still makes it happen within 30 minutes of administering the chewable.

The pills are safe for dogs who are at least 10 weeks old and weigh 4 pounds and above.

Although the flea pill doesn’t prevent your dog from being infested, you can administer another dose if you see them scratching in 24 hours. The package has 7 soft chews, so you’ll have some extra for a rainy day.

What we like

  • It effectively kills adult fleas and flea larvae
  • It’s FDA approved
  • It kills fleas at all stages
  • It has very many positive reviews from Amazon pet parents

What we don’t like

  • It doesn’t protect your dog from flea infestation.

Check the price of the Advantus (Imidacloprid) Flea Chews for Dogs on Amazon.

4. Flea Away All Natural Supplement

If you’re already tired of my suggestions of flea ticks that don’t offer long-term results, you’ll love the Flea Away All Natural Supplement.

The pill is made to human FDA standards, for starters, and it’s safe for dogs and cats. It’s natural, and it doesn’t contain any pesticides, chemicals, or toxic residues. Therefore, it’s safe for pregnant dogs, as well as nursing moms and their litter.

These dogs don’t kill fleas but instead prevent them from biting your dog. You see, mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks are attracted to your dog because they smell CO2. The supplement blocks the smell hence repelling them.

Additionally, your dogs will love the pill because they’re flavored with the real liver. One bottle contains 100 chewable tablets, and a dog weighing 50lbs needs one tablet.

The tablets not only protect your dog from fleas but also gives them healthy skin, support their joints, reduce season allergies, and reduces their shedding.

However, the pill only starts fully protecting your dog after 30 days or so.

What we like

  • It repels mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks
  • It gives your dog shiny and healthy skin as well as reduces shedding
  • It doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals
  • It’s FDA approved

What we don’t like

  • It only repels fleas, but it doesn’t kill them
  • It takes 30 days before it’s fully effective.

Check the price of the Flea Away All Natural Supplement on Amazon.

5.FurroLandia Chewable Flea & Tick Treats for Dogs

The FurroLandia chewable is another excellent option for preventing fleas from destroying your pup.

Like our previous counterpart, the chewable is safe and natural. They’re made in the USA, and they were inspired to start the company by the horror stories of imported products.

The chewable acts as both a flea prevention pill and a treat because it’s coated with peanut butter. Other ingredients include garlic powder, yeast, vitamin B, B3, and B12. The treats do not contain corn, dairy, sugar, GMO, or hormones.

Lastly, every container has 140 chews, so you’ll have plenty for your furry baby. Since these are preventive chews, it’s safe to give your dog one every day.

What we like

  • The chewable prevent ticks and fleas
  • They also work as healthy treats
  • They’re natural and free from toxic substances
  • They’re made in the USA

What we don’t like

  • They don’t kill the fleas, so you still have to use a treatment pill like CapAction.

Check the price of the FurroLandia Chewable Flea & Tick Treats for Dogs on Amazon.

6.PetHonesty Flea & Tick Defense Supplement

The PetHonesty store might not be very popular, but their treatment is very effective. Despite having 73 ratings on Amazon, the pet parents are very pleased with their results, and the reviews are positive.

The ingredients are well-thought, and they’re all-natural to avoid any reactions with sensitive dogs.

Its main ingredient is coconut oil, which contains fatty acids that have been proven to repel fleas. Other ingredients include garlic, Brewer’s yeast, hemp seed powder+oil, and B Vitamins. The latter improves your dog’s digestion and repels fleas as well when combined with Omegas.

The only caveat is that if your dog weighs 75 lbs and above, they’ll need 3 tablets every day, which can be a little costly.

What we like

  • It’s made using natural ingredients
  • It improves your dog’s digestion and immune system
  • It repels ticks and fleas

What we don’t like

  • It only has few reviews, so no opportunity for comparison.

Check the price of the PetHonesty Flea & Tick Defense Supplement on Amazon.

7. Chewable Flea and Tick Treats for Dogs

Do you have one of those picky eaters who won’t eat flea and tick treats? Well, I got one of those.

And guess what? Thanks to these pills’ bacon flavors, I can finally sneak one of them into his food, and I bet he loves them.

These chews not only kill the adult fleas but also prevent any further infestation. The main ingredients of the chewable are red rice yeast, garlic, hemp, Vitamin B1, B6, B12, and hemp meal.

And good news! The chewable give you long-lasting results allowing your pet to play and be merry without the unnecessary scratching.

Like other chews, if your dog is over 90 lbs, they’ll need 5 chews a day, which is always a huge burden financially.

What we like

  • They’re made with natural ingredients
  • They have a bacon flavor that dogs seem to love
  • They improve your dog’s immune
  • They repel fleas and ticks

What we don’t like

  • If you have a large dog, they’ll need 5 chews a day, which can be costly.

Check the price of the Chewable Flea and Tick Treats for Dogs on Amazon.

Best Flea Pills for Dogs (Buyer’s Guide)

Fleas and ticks can be very risky to your dog’s health. Not only does it cause uncomfortable scratching and itchiness, but it can also lead to skin infections and hair loss.

This is why it’s crucial to ensure you get the right flea pills for your dogs to ensure they’re safe.

But what is considered a good pill? Here is what to consider?

Active Ingredients

Like other products, it’s essential to know the main ingredient determines what a flea pill does.

For example, flea pills with Nitenypyram as their active ingredient kill fleas 30 minutes after the dog takes them.

However, they don’t prevent your dog from flea infestation, so you’ll have to take other preventive measures.

Flea Pills vs. Topical Formulas vs. Collars

Besides pills, they’re other flea treatments that you can use which include topical flea medications and flea collars.

Topical formulas are in the form of a liquid that’s applied to your dog’s back. While it’s easy to apply, they’re not suitable for dogs that get wet as it washes off. However, you can always get more expensive topicals that can stick.

Secondly, while flea prevention collars are FDA approved, many pet parents have reported adverse effects, so I don’t advocate for them.

This brings us to the flea pills, they’re easy to administer as they come with flavors, and some of them work in less than 24 hours!

Longevity & Time Taken to See Results

All flea and tick protection methods work for different durations of time. For example, for some prevention flea & ticks, you need to wait at least 30 days before they start working. On the other hand, some tablets start killing the fleas in 30 minutes. However, these pills will need to be administered every day.

Keep in mind that the time taken between applying the flea pills determines the amount of money you spend on flea prevention.


Some flea pills only have the ability to kill fleas, but they never help your dog in any way. On the other hand, some flea pill supplements give your dog a healthy coat, improve joint health, and reduce seasonal allergies.

Best Flea Pills (Final Verdict)

The last thing you want to see is your pup suffering from itchiness and scratching all the time.

One way to deal with this is getting them the right tools to fight the pests. If you choose a prevention pill, ensure you use a flea treatment pill to kill the fleas first.

I hope my review post gave you insights on dog flea treatment and prevention.

What do you prefer? Dog flea pills, shampoo, or collars? I’d love to hear from you ❤️.

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