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24petwatch Pet Insurance Review

24PetWatch is a company that offers security for pet owners in the form of insurance plans. In the same way that health insurance for humans helps them pay for their medical coverage, these policies cover the medical bills of their pets. It even offers a trial insurance plan for those who recently adopted a pet. This plan lets them try an insurance policy for 30 days before they must cancel the plan or purchase a full policy. 24PetWatch offers policies for both dogs and cats.


24petwatch-pet-insurance-1Like other health insurance companies, 24PetWatch will not cover pets with preexisting conditions. If a pet owner calls in and attempts to buy a policy after a pet received a diagnosis from the vet, the company will turn down that policy. The company will only cover pets that are healthy at the current moment and will usually ask for records from the vet that verify the pet is healthy. The idea behind pet insurance is that it allows pet owners to get help for problems later. They can receive enough cash to cover the cost of a stay in an animal hospital or an expensive medical treatment.

Filing a Claim

Many pet owners want to know exactly how much they can get back after filing a claim, but that amount depends on a number of factors. The first of which is the deductible selected. The deductible refers to the amount the pet owner must pay out of pocket before insurance will start. Most opt for a higher deductible in the $1,000 to $2,000 range, but some choose a much smaller deductible. It also depends on the annual limit and the co-pay chosen. A co-pay is the amount an owner pays when taking a pet to the vet, and the annual limit is the total amount that the policy will cover in a calendar year.

Fewer Restrictions

The pet insurance policies offered by 24PetWatch come with fewer restrictions than other plans. According to the Frequently Asked Questions area of the website, pet owners can use their policies to cover both diagnostic tests and treatments as well as emergency visits. The company does not have a standard network of vets and allows policy holders to visit any licensed animal doctor in North America. They can also use their polices to cover appointments with specialists and alternative doctors. 24PetWatch simply requires that the doctor or specialist visited have a medical license.24petwatch-pet-insurance-2

Best for Dogs and Cats

24PetWatch offers policies for both dogs and cats. As those policies are so similar, it’s impossible to say if the insurance is best for either type of animal. An essential cat policy has a $100 deductible and pays out up to $1,500 in a calendar year. The company will cover cats as young as eight weeks and as old as 12 years old. Dog policies, which only cover dogs between the ages of eight weeks and 10 years, can cover accidental death and boarding fees. 24PetWatch policies also cover euthanasia and cremation.

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